I ate a fried egg sandwich last week and regretted it. Pretty much the same way I felt during my last year or so of eating meat. And, over the past few months, I’ve not eaten much cheese at all. It’s possibly part of the process of giving up dairy produce. Or just a period when I’m just not keen on the stuff. I’m undecided.

I had an interesting exchange with a self proclaimed vegan radical this evening on Twitter. He’d commented that if vegetarians gave up dairy, then the meat industry would collapse. There are two things wrong with that view: firstly, such statements serve only to alienate vegans from the people who are actually making a difference. And, secondly, if vegetarians were to give up dairy produce, there wouldn’t even be the tiniest of dents in the meat industry.

Anyway, after preaching to me for a while, and not being able to give a sensible answer to my point above, he unfollowed me.

Radicals nowadays just don’t have any commitment.

Seriously though, I agree with the cause, just not the attack against the only people who have a chance of becoming a mainstream movement against meat ‘production’.