Monthly Archives: October 2014


My second in command cooked breakfast for Mr Bean the other day. I won’t say more than that because everyone deserves some privacy.

And this afternoon I bought a really nice bean salad from M&S at Kings Cross.

It was so nice, I consumed it too quickly. Soon afterwards, I developed a tickly cough, which returned back to the Northeast with me.

My second in command met me off the train and, after an (draught) Erdinger in the Union Rooms, we called off at the Tuns. Unfortunately for my second in command, our local have a pretty nice dunkel wheat beer on draught (interestingly, from Tyne Bank, who generally add fish bits).

So now we’re home. And I’m quite drunk. But I have food in the oven and about to watch part three of the German series I’ve been watching on Netflix. It’s subtitled, but I can recognise some words from my days of playing Command and Conquer.

Anyway, while in the Tuns, I began coughing again. Which resulted in the dislodgement of a bean which had been stuck there for some time.

I’ve not coughed since. And the bean tasted nice the second time around.

Holding steady

I went to see the Hold Steady this evening, at the Riverside in town. I’ll confess I’d never heard of them until a bloke who appreciates music (thanks, Jimmy) recommended them a couple of months ago. I listened to two or three of their albums for a few weeks, although I immediately bought a ticket for their Newcastle gig out of respect for my advisor’s rather good taste in music.

And I loved them. Both while listening on my ancient ipod on the bus to and from work (my second in command doesn’t generally share my taste in music so it’s not allowed in the car) and seeing them live this very evening.


I’m now on an evil-smelling number 57, from Gateshead Interchange (you know, the one that smells like the inside of a washing machine when the pump’s been not been working properly for a while).

I’m hoping that the Tuns isn’t still serving; I need to catch an early train to London in the morning.


I fear that the writing’s on the wall for karotz; they seem destined to follow the path of the nabaztag.

Which is a real shame since it’s a cool concept.



It’s important to back-up your hard drive now and again. I’ve built, used and repaired computers for a very long time now and have always been careful to back everything up. Well, apart from that one time when I formatted a D:\ drive I’d been using to back-up, after copying everything to a new hard drive on a computer I’d just built. And, of course, the new drive failed and I lost almost everything.

I’d never been one for keeping boxes of paper, so everything was on the hard drive. Scans of kids’ drawings, homework, silly stuff they’d typed. And stuff from both of my degree courses.

That was a decade ago now and I’ve been very conscious lately that I’d not done a back-up in a while. So now I am.


This may take some time.

Man cave

Started work on the shed the other day. I fear that progress will be slow.


I did actually get a little further than this, but I couldn’t take a picture because I was covered in black gunk (damp proofing).

Sea of Tranquility

I’m on my second pint of Sea of Tranquility, another beer from Atom. Fish free, cloudy but very nice; 6.5% though, so there won’t be a third.

A very cool thing seems to be happening in the world of real Cloudy might be catching on. Well, you don’t get more real.