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Mind the gap

I’m worried. Well, perhaps worried is too strong a word. Following the Foo Fighters broken leg incident, and the subsequent promotion to next Friday’s Glastonbury headliner for Florence and the Machine, my clash issues (that evening) were pretty much resolved. While I’d have liked to see the Foos, there are bands I’ve not seen before (I’ve seen them a couple of times, Florence too). So we’ve filled-in our clashfinder template (which, at my second in command’s insistence, includes James Bay and George Ezra) with the assumption that the Pyramid stage won’t be a great place on the Friday (or Saturday) evening.

But there’s a worrying gap at the Pyramid stage on Friday. A three+ hours gap. That’s enough for one long-ish or two standard festival length sets. Which is fine if that gap’s filled with something not very interesting. But, if not, there could be long walks across the site. I have serious clashes on the Sunday, so I’d be content if those three+ hours were filled with something that wouldn’t interest me (or, even worse, my second in command).

We plan to wander a lot this year, since we’ve not done much of that in recent years (and wandering’s the best part), so it’d be nice to avoid rushing between stages.

We’re going to make an effort not to make an effort this year.

In that vein, we’re travelling pretty light this year. We have a tent, camping mat, sleeping bag (singular, because you can buy doubles nowadays) and beer.

After Glasonbury, our next festival should have been the (free) Willow festival, but that one’s been deferred a year for somewhat vague (money, I’d assume) reasons. So, Kendal Calling will be our second and final festival this year.

BBC Four

Just watched a Glastonbury highlights thing on BBC4, recent years mainly. I’ve now switched into festival mode.

Four days to go.

Today (an average Saturday)

Today began with a mild hangover. A lie-in prevented anything major.

When I emerged from my sleep of weird, but now long forgotten, dreams, I was greeted by mid-morning sunshine. Which prompted me to take a picture of my zombie garden.


Which is looking much better now that the grass is getting longer. This afternoon, we went shopping for festival supplies.


Five boxes of beer, two boxes of wine and a bottle of vodka should just be enough. Although my second in command will also need supplies.

This evening, I caught up with yesterday’s Graham Norton show on iPlayer; I don’t often watch it, but Cyndi Lauper was one of this week’s guests.


OK, I know she’s had some work done, but she still looks great for 61. And her voice is holding up pretty well too.

I then watched Soaked in Bleach, the film about the days leading up to Kurt Cobain’s death. There was the expected murder/conspiracy theory, with a possibly forged suicide note. But, even if those arguments are discounted, it’s clear that something weird was going on. It’s worth watching.

I have housework tomorrow.



2.8 hours later

Another couple of pictures from our time volunteering for 2.8 hours later.




These pictures, and a few others, were spotted by a friend on someone’s Facebook page. I don’t do Facebook, so she asked them to mail me some. The bloke who took the pictures is considering a role as a zombie next year, a great way to spend an evening in my opinion.

Here’s a video I’ve found from last year; I’ll have put up a link at the time, but here it is again 2.8 hours later 2014

And another from this year 2.8 hours later 2015


Going Forth

Last night ended in the Forth. And this afternoon picked up where I left off.

After some shopping, that is. We bought yet another battery back-up for phones (and some other stuff we don’t need). Well, the Glastonbury ones are £25 this year and they only manage one charge. And there’s the queue. So, we’ve bought a couple of higher capacity batteries and have a few older ones left over from previous festivals. There’s the car as a last resort, but I’m confident we’ll not need that.

While on the subject of festivals, is anyone else going to Kendal Calling? It’s only a month away and a festival at a very reasonable price. A whole weekend festival for half the price of the mainstream stuff (you can pay monthly by direct debit too).

And, this year, a great line-up too. Elbow are headlining on (I think) the Saturday evening, which is reason enough to go. And here’s Snoop Dog and the Kaiser Chiefs. Oh, and the Levellers (did I mention that a friend of one of the band killed our TV a few months ago? After a bottle of wine and most of a bottle of vodka. And some weed.) and, really worth seeing, the Lake Poets. But, as much as I love Elbow, and others, I’d go just to see Augustines.

And, should you be reading this, you should consider the same. Because You’ve nothing to lose but

you’ve nothing to lose, but

you’ve nothing to lose, but

you’ve nothing to lose, but

you’ve nothing to lose, but

you’ve nothing to lose, but

… your head …

That was me, singing. I don’t sing very well, but I do recommend the band (Mr William McCarthy et al) though; they have serious potential.

Back to Glastonbury now; we won’t be going next year. I’m saying this in advance because I don’t want to be confused with the (many) people who can’t get a ticket, but pretend they weren’t bothered about going in the first place. We’ve simple decided to take a break. We may go again one day, but a gap is needed to avoid something pretty cool from becoming routine. We’re considering Lowlands or Benicassim next year. I’d favour the former, because I’ve been twice before, but my second in command seems to be drawn to Spain (it does sound amazing). Or we may do neither.


After a nice long sleep, I’m completely hangover free. That’s despite a day in York with beer. A civilised day, in quality old pubs, and in the company of old gentlemen; what more could a man want?