I voted to leave the European Union. I didn’t try to persuade anyone else to do so and kept my views to myself. However, I’ve been disappointed with the number of people who made a point of forcing their views on me and, now that the UK has decided, are using social media to insult what is, in effect, the majority. A small majority, I acknowledge, but that’s how democracy works; a majority is a majority.

Contrary to the many comments I’ve read on social media, I don’t fit their profile for the majority. I’ve worked all my life and never claimed a penny from the state. I’m educated; I have two degrees.

I love Europe, I like the culture(s) and adore the beer. I simply don’t want to see the UK lose control of its future. I’m not racist, but I do believe that EU migrants shouldn’t be filling the low paid jobs that UK nationals won’t take because they feel that state benefits are a better proposition.

I voted to leave the EU. Had the majority been in favour of remaining within the common market, I would have accepted the UK’s decision with grace.