Daily Archives: 03/08/2017

God and relationships

Our new spider disappeared the other day. I found myself to be concerned. 

However, it transpired that it had traversed the spider continent of our kitchen wall. To seek the protection of Jesus, the guardian of the beer fridge. 

That’s him/her, on the left. Just above the lamp. Here …


Thinking positively, I’ve finished the interior of the shed roof. 

And primed it for one distant day in the future when the walls will be finished. 

Alas, that day has slipped even further away than I’d planned. It seems that the damp-proofing of a couple of years ago wasn’t a huge success. 

I’m now tasked with removing all of the two-year-old plaster from the offending wall (at least) and starting again. 

I’d always suspected that more laborious solutions would be needed, but I was fooled by the lack of obvious damp in the shed. 

It’s a shame that I can’t retrospectively sue the philanthropist (according to the internet) who built the estate behind our house. You’d have thought that the fact that we live on (almost at the top of) a stupidly steep hill would have discouraged further development, but the solution appears to have been to level-off the ground. Which resulted in our shed becoming something of an underground cavern. 

Sadly, since the neighbouring houses arrived at the turn of the last century, it’s somewhat late to be lodging a complaint. 

My desire to restore the shed might seem irrational. But it’s a lovely (damp) thing (with a new ceiling).