Daily Archives: 03/09/2017


As planned, I had a walk down to Gateshead Stadium, for its first Nevfest (Northeast Vegan Festival). The Stadium of Light is the usual venue, the cancellation at short notice due to a power failure earlier this year is a likely reason for the change of location.

I was a frequent visitor to Gateshead Stadium from the mid 90s to the early 00s, since it held a really good computer fair. I’ve built many PCs from parts purchased there. Cheap, disposable computers of the last decade meant that home assembly was no longer cost effective (my current PC was less than half the price of the last one I built – over ten years ago). And, so, computer fairs came to a torturous, shameful end. 

Anyway, the today’s vegan festival was held in the hall which had housed computer fairs in the past. It was satisfying to see the place as busy today as it was in its computer fair heyday. 


I’m feeling most unappreciated right now. In the space of less than a week, two days have been spent in the company of the most annoying person on earth. 

On both occasions, I tried to spare others, absorbing most of the impact by devoting attention to his bullshit. It’s his birthday today, so yesterday was something of a celebration for him. I bought him addition drinks outside rounds, with the aim of getting him drunk quicker. But this let to him expecting me to buy more. 

I had a similar plan for myself, although my motives were more associated with dulling my pain rather than bringing the evening to an early close. I began the day with Old Rosie, which seemed to help at first. I was able to agree with the rubbish he came out with, while not actually listening to of it. But, later, I found that I was unable to get as drunk as I needed to be. I guess I’m a more natural happy drunk, as opposed to the miserable drunk I was trying to aspire to. 

Sadly, my efforts went without notice. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect praise or gratitude. Acknowledgement would have sufficed.