Daily Archives: 08/07/2018


I learnt something new yesterday. Noticing trails of ants moving up and down the apple tree, I questioned this of the Internet.

I was informed that I have aphids. Or at least the tree does. Apparently, the sticky gunk secreted by aphids is something of an ant delicacy.

Ants actually farm aphids; they herd and protect them from their predators. Gross.


The nightlife in Gateshead isn’t great. There’re a few pockets of niceness, but a pub crawl of decent establishments is difficult.

However, we now have the By the River Brew Co. Which is by the river.

The right side of the river.

Eels II

Eels’ performance in Iveagh Gardens on Friday was outstanding. They played a lot from the new album, but also managed to fit in something from what seemed every other album, including many older ones I’d not heard live in a long time. Climbing up to the moon, for example, was gorgeous. Souljacker and Dog face boy, on the other hand, were as loud as they should be. I’m hoping for an extension to the tour, with something more local. They’ve done that a few times in the past, so you never know.

We met some nice people too. Rob, who liked my whistling, was pretty cool. Extremely polite too. Then there was the security guard who’d rather have a conversation than tell me to leave.

A really lovely gig.

Back to reality

Today, after we did some shopping, I worked in the shed.

I’ve finally started rebuilding the second inner wall. I know, it doesn’t look as though I’ve done a lot.

But I’ve also ran a cable from the house into the shed.