Monthly Archives: December 2018

Plaster disaster

I’m (very slowly) plastering the main bedroom and decided to push on with the work this morning. While waiting for a firewood delivery and a boiler man, I mixed a large batch of plaster. For ease, I use one of those general purpose plastic tubs; the sort meant for use in the garden or for building work. It has convenient handles, which are great to hang the tub from a ladder.

On opening the front door when the firewood arrived, I heard a loud bang from upstairs. Afraid of finding the inevitable, I put the wood away, delaying my return upstairs.

My assumption was unfortunately correct, a snapped handle had resulted in the tub falling from the top of the ladder. Naturally, there was plaster pretty much everywhere. Floor, wall (not the one being plastered), the bed, even the ceiling.



Today, I rediscovered good things.

First came OpenRA, an open source version of Red Alert, an old computer game from the 90s.

Secondly, I learned that Winamp is to be revived next year. However, a beta version is already available. I stuck with the classic skin.


Eleven years ago, I saw Madness at Newcastle arena. It was an uncomfortable evening, since I had freshly broken ribs, but it was a must because there hadn’t been a tour in years.

Now, Christmas gigs are the norm, although I’d not been to one since they switched from the academy to the arena. Last night’s tickets were something of a random purchase; I don’t really like the arena as a venue, but alcohol influenced my purchase.

Anyway, I was happy with the outcome.

Generally, I don’t bother with support bands, but the Fratellis were worth seeing.


For the second night this week, we’ve stayed in a pub. Tuesday was the Wrens in Leeds, while last night/this morning is the Courthouse Inn, in Thrapston.

It’s quite nice.

Las night involved a trip to Islip, where we found a nice old pub. Run by a man from Gateshead.