Monthly Archives: January 2019

A busy weekend

We’ve had a packed few days. Friday evening was mostly spent in Trillians, where a bunch of us went to support a bloke we (mostly) know separately.

That’s him on drums.

Afterwards, my second in command and I caught a cab to our local. Where we caught the last part of a set from Beyond Madness.

Saturday was spent in Durham, with nice people.

Who fed us with lovely food.

Returning home on Sunday, we called off at the Hungry Vegan for hot dogs, the walked to Ouseburn where old furniture was purchased.

It needs a little work, but really only a little. There was beer in Arch 2, the Cluny, the Cumberland Arms, the Free Trade Inn and the Tyne Bar. And our local. We called in there too.

Cool bird boxes were discovered.

That’s the Cumberland Arms in the background.

The river looked nice on our walk back along the quayside.

I Want Junk

Boho was a brilliant vegan restaurant on Pink Lane and I was so disappointed when it closed. But, in it’s place, we have Junk It Up, a vegan fast food place.

We were so impressed with the food.

Floorboards (part II)

I took no pictures of yesterday’s floorboard removal. While I did manage to create a path across the house, avoiding lifting the bathroom floor, the old floorboards in the spare room were pretty old, so they didn’t react well to my crowbar.

Which meant a trip to the tip was necessary, followed by B&Q for new boards.

I’m really not looking forward to putting it all back.

Floorboards (part I)

This afternoon, I removed some floorboards. Apparently, our boiler has an incorrect width gas pipe, which is unfortunately buried in concrete.

So, the new boiler requires a larger pipe and the easiest way to fit one is to follow a path from the front of the house, upstairs and through bedrooms, before returning through the kitchen ceiling at the back of the house.

In a bad situation, there’s often a positive. It was interesting to see that joists had been connected with pegged mortise and tenon joints.