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Last night, we bumped into Brian, in a bar in Bournemouth. What’s unusual about that, you ask. Well, we only know Brian from our local in Gateshead.

He’s working here for a few weeks.

There are many pubs in Bournemouth. Synchronicity.

Ojo Rojo

I came across Ojo Rojo when searching for vegan food places in Bournemouth. The place isn’t vegan, but the vegan options are pretty cool.

And the food was just gorgeous.

Just gorgeous.

Followed by a Dead Pony Club in the Four Horsemen.


My second in command and I enjoyed a short train trip to Christchurch today.

We found a nice bar.

We also found a rather nice vegan cafe, Good Intentions.

Where we had some great chilli.

Then there was the Saxon Bar. Now, that was a cool place.

Today wasn’t just about beer though. There was history.

And flowers.

And, somehow, we managed to bump into someone (Brian) from our local. Synchronicity.


My second in command and I quite like Bournemouth.

Where, apart from falling in love with a great bar called the 4 Horsemen, we discovered the Mad Cucumber, which is possibly the best ever vegan cafe. Which serves beautiful carrot cake.


Well, RISE (the story of Augustines) was excellent. It was good to see so many people there too.

The Q&A session was a nice touch, as was the William McCarthy solo set.

I don’t think that the band will ever reform. But it would be pretty cool if they did.

We are Augustines

My significant other and I were pretty gutted when Augustines split up a couple of years ago. When we heard, in Glasgow, we booked tickets for the last gig in Liverpool. We’d already seen the band in Newcastle and Sheffield, but had to fit in one more, the last, gig.

Anyway, there’s a film about the band, it’s being shown in Vue cinemas across the country. The screening is followed by a set from the front man.

If you’ve heard of the band, you’ll probably be there, but if you haven’t, it’s something you shouldn’t miss.

A picture from that last gig.

And one from earlier in the the tour … as long as as my heart keeps pumping blood …


We’d purchased Summer takeaway wraps from Supernatural in town when it opened, then didn’t really bother after that.

But, after randomly reading the menu this evening, that all changed.

The food was great.