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In the mid-90s, I bought an album called Fargo. There’s no connection to the film of the same name, although I do like that too.

I bought the album because I liked one song. It was a sort of compilation album; I was interested in a song called White Man’s Melody, by Cyndi Lauper, though she didn’t write it. In common with a few of the other album tracks, this one was pretty bluesy.

Anyway, the track before this one is called Needed Times, by Mr Lightnin’ Hopkins. And it’s damn good.

Recently, while decorating, Amazon has been playing Mr Hopkins’ music. It was something of a surprise to hear that my second in command likes his music too.

Go on, Alexa, play Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Albert and Rufus

Mr Rufus Wainwright put on a pretty good show tonight. The third time I’ve seen him live and my second visit to the Royal Albert Hall.

The pictures aren’t the best; I had to be quick because they don’t like that sort of of thing.

Wortley Almshouses

After experiencing disappointment when visiting Peterborough over the past year and a half, I was extremely pleased to find that the Wortley Almshouses has recently reopened.

He who watches over us is currently watching over me while my second in command has her nails done.

I’ve missed him.

Save Us Now

Apparently, there is a new political movement in Gateshead. They are shining a light on corruption.

This leaflet arrived through our letterbox this afternoon.

Unfortunately, this new political party, which wants my vote in the local elections, aren’t able to achieve even a minimal standard of grammar in their marketing material.

There’s the obvious apostrophe fail, several instances, spaces before commas (on a pretty big scale), and missing full stops.

Oh, then there’s the weird change in font, presumably to fill a page.

Should I mention the scaremongering about Gateshead Council’s pruning trees to allow a 5G signal to work more efficiently?

Now, Gateshead Council are rubbish, but is there really a subversive move towards streetlight 5G transmitters?

I’m more concerned, as I’ve previously mentioned, about their tendency to demolish old buildings and their failure to maintain clean streets.

I shall read what they have to say at although I think they should have gone for a .com. it does appear to be complete rubbish though.

Noble Jacks

Saw a decent band last night at the Cluny, Noble Jacks. I’d read about the gig a few days ago and thought it’d be be worth checking out. And it was.

They’re worth checking out. The support was good too, a bloke called Matt Dunbar.

Salt Beer Factory

On discovering a tap takeover in a bar in town, I mailed the brewery to question whether their beer contains fish bits.

I didn’t expect a response until next week, so this was very much forward thinking, but they replied straight away. On a Saturday evening.

Anyway …
We don’t use isinglass in any of our beers so they are all vegetarian friendly. Hopefully you enjoy them!

So I obviously had to go back to try one.

And it was gorgeous. They’re based in Saltaire, which is also gorgeous, so I shall make the effort to visit their premises.

Barbarism III

A quick tooth update. The dental surgeon told me it’d hurt yesterday. It didn’t. Well, not too much.

It didn’t hurt most of today either. Well, not too much.

Hurts like fuck now though. So it’s back to pills and alcohol.

Barbarism II

After four months, I had the remainder of my tooth removed this afternoon. Apparently, I was lucky, in that the remaining root had moved a little since December’s only partially successful extraction attempt.

Today’s experience at the dental hospital (my second visit of the week) was certainly better than December’s epic session in the dentist’s chair. It was all over and done with in less than half the time.

It was never going to to be a good experience, but the staff were great and I’d certainly be less apprehensive should I ever need the dental hospital’s services again.

I’m hoping there’ll be less pain this time. However, I have Codeine, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Gin on hand, as a precaution.

The latter will be happening anyway, since I’m assuming it’ll aid the dissolving of stitches.