Save Us Now

Apparently, there is a new political movement in Gateshead. They are shining a light on corruption.

This leaflet arrived through our letterbox this afternoon.

Unfortunately, this new political party, which wants my vote in the local elections, aren’t able to achieve even a minimal standard of grammar in their marketing material.

There’s the obvious apostrophe fail, several instances, spaces before commas (on a pretty big scale), and missing full stops.

Oh, then there’s the weird change in font, presumably to fill a page.

Should I mention the scaremongering about Gateshead Council’s pruning trees to allow a 5G signal to work more efficiently?

Now, Gateshead Council are rubbish, but is there really a subversive move towards streetlight 5G transmitters?

I’m more concerned, as I’ve previously mentioned, about their tendency to demolish old buildings and their failure to maintain clean streets.

I shall read what they have to say at although I think they should have gone for a .com. it does appear to be complete rubbish though.