Monthly Archives: May 2019

One way

It seems that we’ve lost contact with God.

This has happened because the beginning of life was a long time ago and our sins are now coming between us and God.

Although we’ve been trying to build many kinds of bridges to re-establish contact with God, this hasn’t worked. I’m not exactly sure why we’ve been unable to bridge our sins, but it appears that we simply need to affirm our trust in Jesus Christ.

Should we fail to do this, we will be without Christ and will go to Hell. However, affirming our trust in, and obedience to, Jesus, will enable our entry into Heaven.

All Points East

We were really impressed with All Points East festival yesterday. I’d some reservations about a city, non-camping festival, but the day was well organised, with a nice atmosphere.

Notable moments included:

Jarvis Cocker’s cunts are still running the World.

The Raconteurs, who were just amazing.

Interpol, one of my main reasons for the trip into London.

And, while we’d drifted towards the back, to catch-up with some people, the Strokes sounded great.

I’ll definitely watch out for next year’s line-up.

White paint

While half watching something on Netflix, I noticed an issue of historical accuracy. In a Western documentary -drama, Ulysses S. Grant’s office was very white. As in white gloss paint.

There’s a problem in that, while the year was stated as 1866, (bright) white paint wasn’t invented until the 20th Century; specifically 1921.

If someone’s going to do something, they should do it properly.


While I had some really good jobs as a Civil Servant, I don’t regret leaving this place.

Also, despite enjoying my last role, I don’t miss my nearly twelve hour days spent here.

Or being the last person to leave the office.


I haven’t felt very well the past couple of days. I mislaid an inhaler the other day, so I had to resort to an almost dead device.

Which didn’t work very well, leaving me struggling a little.

But, in my local, I was able to acquire a new inhaler. OK, so it’s of the stubby variety, but it worked straight away.

And, for the first time in a couple of days, I can breath normally again.

Relaxed now.


So the Subway franchise has released a vegan patty. That’s obviously a good thing from my perspective. But, perhaps more important is the associated advertising campaign.

To see advertising for a vegan product on the sides of buses and posters at bus stops is a pretty huge step, unimaginable just a couple of years ago.

No doubt, this move has been influenced by the success of the Greggs’ vegan sausage roll and Subway will be hoping to see the increased turnover experienced by that company.

Still, whatever the motives, it’s a good thing for vegans.

And they’re quite nice too.

News Chronicle

A dozen or more years ago, I found an old enamel sign, buried in the garden. It’d had a hard life and parts had rusted away. But it’s still a cool thing and would have originally been fixed to the front wall of the house, in the days of its life as a shop.

For a while, the sign was hung at the top of the stairs, but redecoration resulted in its retirement to a dusty corner.

However, As of today, it now sits proudly in the bathroom.

The sign originally advertised a daily newspaper, News Chronicle. This went bust in the 1930s, so the sign’s most likely from the early 1900s. Beamish museum has a more complete version.

I’d imagine that it was relegated to the garden in the early 60s, when the shop moved from its long time newsagent role to one of general dealer.