Cabin floor

Having bought some new floor tiles for the van, today I set about removing the rock and roll bed and existing laminate flooring.

I doing so, I made several discoveries. Firstly, our van has air conditioning. Or, rather, a hole in the floor.

Yes, that’s the road surface. I’m uncertain as to whether this is an original feature, or whether it was created to accommodate the table.

On removing the bed, then the flooring, I found that the expected plywood floor wasn’t there. Fortunately, one can be purchased at a reasonable price, which will avoid the hassle of making one.

It also seems that the bed isn’t original. I’d suspected this, but I’d not expected it to be non-standard. Since we plan to have seats re-upholstered, that leaves me with the choice between altering the bed to make it conform, or buy a new one.

One positive, though, the cabin floor is in great condition, with hardly any rust.

I’m not sure whether I should be concerned by the cables which seem to go nowhere though.