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Twitter II

While I don’t actually engage very much with social media (and, in ten years time, people may not recall such a thing), my current Twitter profile …



In a controlled experiment (really), I’ve found a correlation between drinking wine and lowered blood pressure. I do recognise that correlation does not imply causality, but I’ve concluded that I need to continue drinking wine to further reduce my blood pressure.


Since my recent hosting switch, life’s been pretty busy, so I’ve not really had time to upload content. Well, I guess I could’ve copied all of the old stuff (since it was all backed-up), but when I looked back I realised that it was all a bit of a mess. I’d always known that, because things had tended to evolve over time, older and newer content would look different. But having taken a proper look at it, I can see it’s just a mess.

So, I’ll take the opportunity to tidy things up a little and remove anything that’s no longer relevant. To me. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to rewrite history though.

Time’s always an issue, and I’ve usually more interesting things to do, so I’ll add stuff as I get to it. Meanwhile, I’ve started here.

I should add that any pictures will follow later and old links are probably not going to work.