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Diet Coke

I have to confess that I’d always doubted the magical cleaning powers of Coca Cola. However, after watching a YouTube video about rust removal from chrome, I felt compelled to try it. After all, we now have a vehicle with a moderate amount of corrosion.

And it does work. Dousing the area with Diet Coke and rubbing with aluminum foil really does work. While more work is needed, this wing mirror was previously almost completely covered with rust.

The benefits of tooth extraction

What benefits could be derived from an aggressive, partially unsuccessful, tooth extraction, you may ask.

Well, I’m now wearing a pair of jeans I’ve not been able to fasten for a very long time.

So flares* might not exactly be fashionable right now, but the important thing is that the jeans fit once more.

There’s another benefit too. Yes, really. I’ve now scientifically proven that excessive beer consumption does not in fact result in a proportionate increase in the size of a man’s midriff. The reduction in my own middle area appears solely to be the result of my two week diet of soup.

While I recognise that a continued soup diet would enable me to maintain my new physique, I fear that this pair of jeans will soon return to the wardrobe.

*they’re not really flares


OK, I recognise that I’m a middle aged man with a middle aged man’s girth. But I have a problem. 

If I buy American branded trousers/jeans, I buy a 33 inch waist (34 leg, obviously). But if I buy UK produced (China, Vietnam, India) clothing, I mostly need a 36. 

Now, I know I’m not exactly skinny, but I’m certainly not a true 36. Hell, I even bought a pair of 36 inch trousers recently and couldn’t actually fasten them. So that would make me a 38. I think not. 

I’ve a 33 inch waist. And I’m not really an extra large kind of bloke. 

Mr Shirt

Have you ever had problems with your shirt hanging out of your trousers?

Yes? Then Mr Shirt could help you.

Surprisingly, some men will sport upside down braces which hold their shirt down at all times. 

I stumbled upon the device while browsing new startups on indigogo. I need to make it clear that I didn’t purchase a set. 

One does wonder whether these could be dangerous in terms of limiting blood circulation. And just imagine the potential damage if one of those clips were to suddenly become detached.