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I’d not expected a Labour majority today, but the thought of another Conservative-led government is somewhat depressing.

At least common sense has prevailed in Gateshead.

Councillor Ron Beadle

Yesterday, a copy of Focus on Low Fell arrived on our doormat. It’s an informative newsletter from our local Liberal Democrat Councillors, one of whom, Ron Beadle, will be standing in the forthcoming elections.

After reading the newsletter, I came to the conclusion that:
– the newsletter is written by a twelve-year-old
– the Lib Dems are trying to improve Cllr Beadle’s public image

Some examples from the newsletter include:

Ron Beadle is pressing for Stratford Gardens and Denewell Avenue to be properly resurfaced after flood prevention work has been completed.

Following a request from residents, Ron Beadle has arranged for a new grit bin near Berkdale Road and St Andrews Drive.

Ron Beadle has asked the Council to improve road markings and the surface on Elder Grove.

And an illustration of the Councillor’s influence:

Ron Beadle recently arranged for a dead rat to be removed on Kells Lane.

I must confess to imagining the Councillor in a cape. Yellow, of course.



So it’s looking like a no majority in the Scottish referendum. But the pretty huge yes vote should be a major slap in the face for the Government. I say should because it probably won’t be. One must wonder how large the yes majority could’ve been had Labour been in power. And what the outcome would’ve been during a second coalition parliament.

Hopefully, there won’t be one of those.