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Anyone with an A level in Sociology knows this boot.

Only three and six. A bargain and still available in a bar in Newcastle. Until someone spots it.

And, if they don’t, it’s mine.

A clue. The Town Wall.

An afternoon in the shed

After my longed for day off tomorrow was reduced to a half day, before being completely overtaken by the stuff I get paid to do, I took the opportunity to take this afternoon off.

After four hours working on the shed, though, I swear it doesn’t look any different.

However, at least I’ve now reduced the risk of imminent collapse.

Lost in Space III

Ok, I grew up with this stuff, so please let me run with it.

Robot B9, the robot, and Dr Smith.

And the new robot and Dr Smith.

Accepting that the second picture is in color, and Dr Smith is more than marginally less camp, (and the acting is a lot better in the new series) I still feel that the original robot is more appropriate when compared to the (second attempt at) the modern version.

I feel the need to join a club.