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Almost at the end of a film on Netflix and I see my old bathroom carpet.

We’ll, it’s actually on a boat, or on a set that resembles a boat.

No not the ear, the carpet.

Yes, the carpet.

I had to pause the film to take a picture, so there’s a huge title on that last picture.

I was newly divorced at the time. Of my divorce, not the film. The carpet was free, leftover from an office refurb. Who was I to refuse free bathroom carpet.

Twitter II

While I don’t actually engage very much with social media (and, in ten years time, people may not recall such a thing), my current Twitter profile …


Blood pressure/wine

Currently 128/77. Red wine seems to be the answer. I could bottle it as a high blood pressure cure at twice the price. More if it works for low pressure too, but I’d need to test it. If anyone has low blood pressure, I can be contacted at ….