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My new work phone is an iPhone. Previously, I had a Blackberry. Said Blackberry was pretty shit, but it sort of worked. For work. The battery life was amazing, even after a few years. It was ugly, but bounced well in the pub.

Anyway, this is my new work phone.

It’s dark; yes. I’m in a pub. That’s OK because the phone is in a protective case (bought personally from eBay for two quid).

Note the Apple logo though. I’ve owned Apple phones in the past and the logo was, in my experience, distinctive but unobtrusive.

Unobtrusive as in seamless to the touch. Let’s focus on on that now.

Unfortunately, I find my my work phone irritating. Because the logo on its back has a definite ridge on one side.

I have an obvious theory (hypothesis, I guess, since this hasn’t been tested in a controlled environment), that HM Government is providing users with commercially rejected products. Hence the logo sharpness on my work phone.

This all reinforces my personal phone preference for Android.

While representing good value for the taxpayer.

Bathgate no more

I’ve been to Bathgate today. I’ve been there for work lots of times over the years, but rarely of late.

I don’t think I’ll ever need to return.

That thought doesn’t make me happy. Or sad.

Middle of the night

With a nine o’clock start in Manchester, I had two options. Travel and stay open last night, and perhaps visit a couple of favourite bars, or catch the ridiculously early 5:33 train this morning.

For reasons I now cannot comprehend, I chose the latter. Apparently, that isn’t a common decision with travellers.

I shall resume my sleep now.

A moment

According to Wikipedia, a moment lasts around 90 seconds. Microsoft, on the other hand, has an entirely different definition. Around 20 minutes. 

I’ve used Libre Office for several years at home, Open Office for years before that. The former comes with Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. It’s free and it’s very capable. 

However, an offer via work led me to purchase Microsoft’s offering for only a tenner. While this remains much more expensive than Libre Office, I was tempted by the price. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t actually take a moment to install. 

I think that in a bit may have been more appropriate a message during installation. 


You’ll have noticed that I seldom mention work here. However, I shall now briefly do so. Various IT releases (for example 1.5 and 403, or 4.03) have recently dominated my working life and I’ve realised that I should adopt a more formal project approach to my home life.

I’m thinking specifically of the shed. While obviously not an IT project, a release approach may enhance the organisation of the work going forward. 

So, thinking retrospectively, my shed project has to date progressed as follows:

R1.0 Chimney

R2.0 Exterior pointing – end wall

R2.1 Exterior pointing/rebuilding – side wall

R3.0 Interior rebuilding – rear side outer wall (in development)

I may shortly produce a Gantt chart.