Divine Comedy

So, Friday night (and some afternoon) was spent in Manchester. Despite my attempt to guide us to the wrong venue, after checking tickets in the Temple Bar, we set off for the correct destination.

Anyway, I did mention the Temple Bar.

There were other bars, but I took no pictures. While the band were astounding, the important thing to me was spending time with my kids (OK, and Ian). We agreed to do this again, possibly without a gig, because this did create a time pressure.

Some pictures I stole from my youngest offspring took on the evening.

It was good to see that Mr Hannon drinks Becks.

One unplanned aspect of the evening was an underground view from under the stage. One needed to stoop, because the Albert Hall is quite old.


I worked in a bar tonight. I probably didn’t do very well, but I coped better than I’d expected. I think I didn’t mess-up using the till and even managed to handle card payments. Most important, I think I gave people the right change. And drinks. I did, however, find bar tabs confusing. I shall return, though. I may not be a natural, but I want to do this.

Big Red and the Grinners

Our local, the Three Tuns, did something different last night (different for this pub, anyway), showing that good live music will always attract people.

The place was as busy as it used to be a decade ago, with the gig room full and a busy bar. The style of music wasn’t the norm for the Tuns, but maybe it was time for change.

The Loft Boys and Big Red & the Grinners.


I’ve missed having a jukebox ever since I sold our old one following its death. Regrettably, my attempted repair was a failure and it was taking up a lot of space in a small house.

After a few years, I found a suitable replacement, several weeks ago. Due to impending decorating, the new jukebox was stored in the spare room. Unfortunately, decorating was delayed by the need to work on the van.

But, now, decorating progress has been made, allowing the jukebox to be mounted on the living room wall.

It’s actually older than the old jukebox, early 70s rather than mid 90s, but it’s a lot smaller and has passable built-in speakers.

Best of all, it has had a hard drive fitted.

Holy Moly and the Crackers

After seeing Holy Moly and the Crackers at a festival earlier this year, we simply had to buy tickets for last Friday’s gig at the Sage. Well, it was just down the road, after all.

A great night, with solid live band at a cool venue.

Well worth checking out if you have a chance.


Well, the holiday’s over and it’s time to focus on house stuff again.

One way to raise the value of our home, we thought, would be to install a swimming pool. We’d be the only house on Sheriff Hill to have one.

It’s currently filling up nicely, aided by heavy rain.


Around an hour ago, we left the van in prison hospital.

Where it shall have cosmetic surgery.