A stove and a man with a dog

It’s important not to make decisions when drinking wine. Unfortunately, I do that all too often.

The decision to buy a wood burner was actually a good one. The stove purchased might not have been my Best buy.

It arrived today and was duly deposited on the pavement outside the house. On a pallet. While attempting to separate the stove from its pallet, a man asked if I needed assistance.

He was walking his dog, on the other side of the road. I didn’t know him, although he looked vaguely familiar. I politely declined his kind offer, responding that help would be arriving soon.

I (barely) managed to get the stove only the pavement, but I couldn’t move it far. It’s very heavy.

Fortunately, my beloved soon arrived and the stove entered the house. While the stove’s great, it’s extremely heavy and not at all moveable.

And, so, it’s now in the living room until we come up with a way of moving it upstairs.