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Sunday saw the end of an era, for me at least. A last night at/for the Schooner. I’ve mixed feelings about the place; I loved it as a customer years ago, then I loved/hated it when I had a part of it.

The dog spent most of her childhood there, she accidentally became a pubdog.

The stress in the (our) early days was immense, the hours were horrific, the problems were never ending and the pressure on working (and non working) relationships was intense.

I’m no longer involved in the place, but it was nice to say goodbye.

The band was great.

The dog even got to sit in her old childhood seat.

I got to stand behind the bar one last time.

And then we left (to close up at our place). The scaffolding had already been erected, which made sense since time is money etc.

Work started the next day.

The bar certainly needed change; the right degree of change. I genuinely hope that everything works out for the place.

I’ll miss it and won’t, at the same time.

I’m sure the dog feels the same way

The Boss

At just under three hours, last night’s (technically, although we’re not long home) gig was impressive for a guy in his 70s.

I’d never exactly describe myself as a Bruce Springsteen fan, but he certainly puts everything into a performance.

Pretty astounding.

New glasses

I ordered some new glasses yesterday. I don’t actually need new glasses.

But they’re silver, handmade in Italy. The frames were a steal at just £500.

I wasn’t even drunk when I ordered them (I probably should have been since I’m pretty badly short sighted and need the thinnest thin lenses).

But, pictures I nicked from the website.

Aren’t they beautiful?


Ok, so we saw Elbow at a warm-up gig in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago.

But we’d booked an arena thing in Glasgow ages ago.

Last weekend.

Two gigs

We had something of a rushed trip to Leeds the other day, for a gig in a new (to me) venue, Brudenell Social Club. I’d been trying to see the Hillbilly Moon Explosion for a few years, but it didn’t really work out for various reasons, including the obvious pandemic. So, it was great that the timing finally worked out.

The icing on the cake was the discovery of Cavegirl and the Neandergals, the support act. A bit off the wall, but insanely good.

Then, last night, back on home ground, Elbow’s warm-up gig for an arena tour, at the City Hall. While predictably good, I think I do prefer seeing them at smaller venues.


When you know your time has passed.

When you had a 40 year career and played it safe, even though the last decade and a bit was pretty exciting.

When you embarked on something new (after a brief something new that didn’t work out).

And then found/made something pretty cool. But, then you’re too old to take it to its full potential.

It’s a bit shit really. And good at the same time.

I’m probably good for a couple of years, so let’s see where this goes.


Most people know I don’t bother with birthdays. I haven’t done in decades.

But, with my birthday falling on a Monday this year (and the fact I’ve worked the past two years on this date), I really wanted to have a day somewhere with the dog.

So, I made plans for next Monday. I was really looking forward to it.

And then my beloved broke her wrist.

I might reschedule. Back to 70 hour weeks for a bit then.


With a bunch of guys and the hound, I had a day in York yesterday.

There was beer and the dog seemed to have a good day.

We also got bumped into Gav from Lord’s Brewery and got to try their new imperial that we’d ordered for our place.