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In the mid-90s, I bought an album called Fargo. There’s no connection to the film of the same name, although I do like that too.

I bought the album because I liked one song. It was a sort of compilation album; I was interested in a song called White Man’s Melody, by Cyndi Lauper, though she didn’t write it. In common with a few of the other album tracks, this one was pretty bluesy.

Anyway, the track before this one is called Needed Times, by Mr Lightnin’ Hopkins. And it’s damn good.

Recently, while decorating, Amazon has been playing Mr Hopkins’ music. It was something of a surprise to hear that my second in command likes his music too.

Go on, Alexa, play Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Albert and Rufus

Mr Rufus Wainwright put on a pretty good show tonight. The third time I’ve seen him live and my second visit to the Royal Albert Hall.

The pictures aren’t the best; I had to be quick because they don’t like that sort of of thing.

Noble Jacks

Saw a decent band last night at the Cluny, Noble Jacks. I’d read about the gig a few days ago and thought it’d be be worth checking out. And it was.

They’re worth checking out. The support was good too, a bloke called Matt Dunbar.


Well, RISE (the story of Augustines) was excellent. It was good to see so many people there too.

The Q&A session was a nice touch, as was the William McCarthy solo set.

I don’t think that the band will ever reform. But it would be pretty cool if they did.

We are Augustines

My significant other and I were pretty gutted when Augustines split up a couple of years ago. When we heard, in Glasgow, we booked tickets for the last gig in Liverpool. We’d already seen the band in Newcastle and Sheffield, but had to fit in one more, the last, gig.

Anyway, there’s a film about the band, it’s being shown in Vue cinemas across the country. The screening is followed by a set from the front man.

If you’ve heard of the band, you’ll probably be there, but if you haven’t, it’s something you shouldn’t miss.

A picture from that last gig.

And one from earlier in the the tour … as long as as my heart keeps pumping blood …

Clem Burke

Well, I was impressed with Clem Burke’s performance last night. Buying tickets was something of a random act a few months ago, I had mixed feelings over a gig with a tribute band and thought there was a chance it could go horribly wrong.

But it didn’t. Bootleg Blondie were surprisingly good and Mr Burke was very much centre stage. My only regret is cancelling my day off today.

It was, though, somewhat disheartening to learn that it’s now 40 years since Parallel Lines was released. I still have my original copy.

Film 4

I quite like Film 4’s Christmas commercial. Well, perhaps not the commercial itself; the soundtrack’s great. Eels’ Everything’s gonna be cool this Christmas.

Aynsley Lister

After going to a run of Ainsley Lister gigs, including two at Glastonbury, I’d not seen him play for a few years, until last night.

OK, so he’s a little self indulgent at times, but that’s easy to forgive because he plays so well.

A man with real talent.