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Culture & coincidence

Yesterday we enjoyed more culture. My second in command had a conversation with a girl in Sloan’s the other day. Which resulted in us visiting Partick yesterday.

We quite liked Partick; we had our nails done and watched the Liverpool-Stoke match in the Deoch an Dorus.

We then had great curry.

Yesterday was also a day of coincidence; synchronicity even.

Yes, we saw the Shiverin Sheiks for the second time in two days.

Which might in itself not be unusual. But, in conversation with the front man, I was asked if I knew Ratty. That’s Ratty who runs the Mean Eyed Cat, the former owner of the Schooner anf previously manager of the Central and the Head of Steam.

Which was pretty spooky. Apparently, the band had played at the Schooner previously. They’re playing at the Sage this summer.

They’re well worth seeing.

Anyway, some pictures of cultural activities.

While in the 13th Note, we met up with some people who were also in Glasgow for the cancelled William McCarthy gig. We all went on to MacSorley’s to watch another band.

Sadly, we need to return to normality today.


While in Glasgow, for a cancelled gig, we took in some culture.

While we were initially disappointed that the gig was cancelled, we’d thought we may as well have a weekend away.

And the Shiverin Sheiks in MacSorley’s were pretty good last night.

I’d intended catching them at Glastonbury a few years ago, but it didn’t work out, so last night was a bonus.

Two wise guys

Just home from a rare school night in town. We went to see Karl playing drums or, rather, Two Wise Guys. Apart from a catch-up, there was good music. All a man needs.

Detroit Social Club

After an absence of several years, Detroit Social Club are back. With a tour and new material. They’re only playing small venues, but they’re almost starting from scratch again.

They’re very much on form though and put on an excellent performance last night.


I’ve been to work today, but finished at a sensible time and am now in my local.

I should mention that I’m supposed to be on leave today and en route to Glasgow to see Elbow playing at the SSE Hydro.

We’d decided to make a weekend of it, so I was looking forward to visiting my favourite bars and eateries.

Sadly, it was announced last night that tonight’s cancelled due to weather and impassable roads. We’d fully intended chancing the trip and had planned to take sleeping bags, food and water. But it wasn’t to be.

The gig’s been rearranged for Monday, but we both have work commitments.

Anyway, enough of that, time for some pictures from the last couple of days.

A dozen and a half

The age of my eldest grandchild, that is. With reference to the Lovely Eggs. Who a number of us went to see last night (including said grandchild). Two of the eight weren’t too keen, but six were impressed.The support’s unusually worthy of mention. Because he was ridiculously good; Phil Jupitus.As were the eggs themselves.

Co-ordination of people wasn’t easy, but we all managed to find each other.The toughest part of the night was sneaking my grandchild into bars. But, strangely, not a single person challenged her age. Not that I’d buy alcohol for her (cough).She was struck by the resemblance between the ladies’ sign in the Cumberland Arms and her very own depiction of my second in command some years ago.


Not long home from a great night with some great blokes.

We (me, Phil, Dave, Keith, Karl) went to see a band in town.

The Damned. Still singing in my head.

I should acknowledge my second in command’s contribution to the success of the evening. While she wasn’t actually at the gig, she did make a last minute dash with forgotten tickets.

Hot sauce

While sorting through my box of precious things, I came across a sachet of hot sauce.

It was given to me by a man wearing pyjamas in Manchester. A decade or so ago.

A man called Mark.

Mark Oliver Everett.

Sam Smith

Would you believe, I had to come to Italy to realise that a Sam Smith video  was filmed on Gateshead’s high level bridge (saw the video in a bar). 

How didn’t I know that? Not that I like the bloke’s music, but I do live in Gateshead.