Sunday saw the end of an era, for me at least. A last night at/for the Schooner. I’ve mixed feelings about the place; I loved it as a customer years ago, then I loved/hated it when I had a part of it.

The dog spent most of her childhood there, she accidentally became a pubdog.

The stress in the (our) early days was immense, the hours were horrific, the problems were never ending and the pressure on working (and non working) relationships was intense.

I’m no longer involved in the place, but it was nice to say goodbye.

The band was great.

The dog even got to sit in her old childhood seat.

I got to stand behind the bar one last time.

And then we left (to close up at our place). The scaffolding had already been erected, which made sense since time is money etc.

Work started the next day.

The bar certainly needed change; the right degree of change. I genuinely hope that everything works out for the place.

I’ll miss it and won’t, at the same time.

I’m sure the dog feels the same way