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Had some pretty good feedback on my prototype web page for my local. Maybe a little over the top, but I’m pleased I’m heading in the right direction.

More work on the live music and charities page next.

Voluntary work

Thought I’d do some work to benefit my local community.

It’s a little more phone friendly than the existing site.

I’ve not spent long on it, so it’s mostly placeholder pages while I get the structure right. So it’s nowhere near ready to be published.


Screws too small for the job and high winds, something one needs to accept when living on a hill, recently led to the external camera parting company with the wall.

All fixed now though (top right). Despite my fear of heights.

There isn’t a problem with the no video camera; I’ve not gotten around to connecting it.

Another day in the shed

I’ve developed the deepest respect for stonemasons. After another few hours working on the shed, I ache pretty much everywhere. 

Rebuilding a stone wall isn’t easy. There’s a lot of walking backwards and forwards with heavy pieces of stone and lifting and rearranging to get the right fit. 

It’s extremely slow progress and I’m going through a ridiculous amount of sand and cement. But I’m sure it’ll be worth the effort. 

And at least the rock pile in the garden is now smaller. 


Since I’ll never see the outer side wall of the shed again, I’ve spent a couple of hours going over the pointing, making sure there were no gaps or obvious weak points. 

I’ve also made a start on the inner wall. 

I’d have done more, but the lure of food and beer on a sunny day was too great.

The rock pile was temporarily reduced, since I’d used some of it on the wall. But adding damp stone from inside the shed increased its size again.

I think that the shed would look good with a wall in front.