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Quite possibly the best, simplest multitool I’ve come across.

Geekey. It even includes a pipe (yes, a pipe). It’s almost a shame I don’t smoke.


We knew our small amount of apples would make only a little cider, but there’s actually more than we’d expected.


We made pies. Apple pies. From our tree.

Which is a waste because they should have been involved in cider production.

Render II

Removing old plaster from the shed walls isn’t really something I enjoy. However, it’s damp, so it needs to come off before render goes on. It seems that the walls had been painted blue, I’d guess that was in the 60s, when the shed was used as a taxi office. There’re also traces of an earlier green (20/30s?).

It was a shame to render over stone, but I really couldn’t be bothered to rebuild another two walls, with a damp-proof membrane.

But now I only have one wall left to render.