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A kitchen update

I’d so underestimated the amount of time I’d need to build a new kitchen from scratch.

Of course, I’ve only been working on it one day a week, some weeks not at all. But it’s still a very slow process.

I’ve only just finished building the first unit.

To be fair, I started with the most complicated unit. It’s huge too, impossible to lift. So the remaining units must be both easier and less time consuming. Surely?

I just need to sand this one down first. Then paint it and fit the worktop. And remove the existing unit.


My reduced, voluntary, hours at the Schooner means I’ve time to do things I’d planned for some time ago.

While I appreciate that this is going to be a lengthy project, likely to be interrupted by others, I’ve finally made a start on the kitchen.

Yes, the existing kitchen units look fine, but they were fitted 17 years ago and, on close inspection, are showing a lot of wear.

New doors would have been an easy option, but I really want to try to build some freestanding units.


After leaving the Civil Service, I’d planned several projects. Some were actually completed before buying into the Schooner, but some important ones weren’t started.

Now that I’ve pulled out of the pub, one small project has been completed. Wardrobes in the spare room.

Of course, the room now needs to be decorated before I can start something else. Around 18 months later than planned, the kitchen’s next.


I was recently asked if I could replace the blackboards outside my local (the old ones were suffering from rot).

I’m pretty happy with the end result.

They’re huge, so my second in command’s help was needed in erecting them.


I might have to be sensible more often. After a few pints of Guinness after work, then a takeaway pizza, I retired much earlier than usual.

Which enabled an early start to my Saturday. This morning, at a time I’d usually be eating toast, I’ve already:

– Been to the bank to withdraw boiler funds

– Collected a prescription

– Bought (and consumed) a Greggs’ vegan sausage roll

– Bought my first beer of the day

For the latter, I chose a refreshing blood orange IPA, in the Mean Eyed Cat. Well, after all, I’d usually be drinking orange juice at this time of day.


Quite possibly the best, simplest multitool I’ve come across.

Geekey. It even includes a pipe (yes, a pipe). It’s almost a shame I don’t smoke.