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Salted herring

Bought these three years ago in Belgium. They’re a couple of years out of date and the bag had started to swell up.

I’d never fancied them, but came across them again while in a wine induced foraging state. They’re so nice.

Of course, I may now die.


We’re in the Head of Steam in Liverpool.

For our second beer of the day here. Liverpool, that is.

We should actually been enjoying our fifth or sixth pint in one of the excellent old pubs in Belfast. Unfortunately, our flight was cancelled and the next available flight is first thing tomorrow. From Liverpool.

So we were packed off into a cab from Newcastle airport. After food in the hotel, we sought refreshment. And here we are.

We’ll try again in the morning, then, shall we?

Middle of the night

With a nine o’clock start in Manchester, I had two options. Travel and stay open last night, and perhaps visit a couple of favourite bars, or catch the ridiculously early 5:33 train this morning.

For reasons I now cannot comprehend, I chose the latter. Apparently, that isn’t a common decision with travellers.

I shall resume my sleep now.


A pub crawl in Edwinstowe:

The Forest Lodge

The Royal Oak

The Black Swan

The Hammer and Wedge

(Which appears to be an ex-social club)

The Dukeries

Where we are spending a couple of nights. 

Only five pubs, but a nice place. 


This afternoon/evening saw my first visit to Wylam. I was extremely impressed with the Boathouse. Well, who wouldn’t be. 

While there, a delivery occurred. 

I may visit again soon. 


Why do people:

a) decide to end their lives on a railway line

b) walk across or otherwise mess about on a railway line

On arrival at Darlington station, passengers on my train were informed that there had been a fatality on the line, so the train would remain at the platform for at least an hour. 

Which is pretty inconsiderate of the suicidal and/or foolish person. This has happened to me god knows how many times over the years, but never when I’m not in a hurry to get home. 

Learning from past experience (the last time this happened, my train was delayed two and a half hours just outside Peterborough station), I left the train and found a pub. 

It’s not the nicest of pubs, but Guinness is only £2.40 a pint. 

Several other people seem to have had the same idea. I guess a suicide is good for business. 


I’ve not had a shave in over a week. And I’m on a train which is waiting twenty something minutes before we leave York.
My face is quite itchy. 

We did manage a couple of bottles of Erdinger in the Draper’s Arms, Peterborough.