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When we had snow a few weeks ago, and there was the usual public transport failure, I met a bloke in the bus station in Washington. We complained about having to walk part way because nudes can no longer climb (clear and gritted) hills.

Anyway, I see him pretty much every night, since I increased my working hours due to an impending deadline.

We mostly discuss the timeliness of the X1, but last night the conversation became more interesting.

We talked about Jung.

Attention Seeker

My music player is now back in service after I’ve identified the rogue flac file which made the thing stubbornly refuse to play anything.

So my bus journeys this week have been in the enjoyable company of Felix Hagan and the Family.

A recent festival discovery, they’re now a favourite. Their latest album is Attention Seeker, it’s ridiculously good. We’ll be going to see them play in Leeds in a few weeks, with some festival comrades. Can’t wait.


Only a year late, it seems our AD’OM prime will ship by the end of next month.

Of course, that’ll be a shipping container to an unknown European distribution centre. Still, the last mile will be by courier.


This afternoon/evening saw my first visit to Wylam. I was extremely impressed with the Boathouse. Well, who wouldn’t be. 

While there, a delivery occurred. 

I may visit again soon. 


Why do people:

a) decide to end their lives on a railway line

b) walk across or otherwise mess about on a railway line

On arrival at Darlington station, passengers on my train were informed that there had been a fatality on the line, so the train would remain at the platform for at least an hour. 

Which is pretty inconsiderate of the suicidal and/or foolish person. This has happened to me god knows how many times over the years, but never when I’m not in a hurry to get home. 

Learning from past experience (the last time this happened, my train was delayed two and a half hours just outside Peterborough station), I left the train and found a pub. 

It’s not the nicest of pubs, but Guinness is only £2.40 a pint. 

Several other people seem to have had the same idea. I guess a suicide is good for business. 

Platform 12b

I may have missed my train. I waited at the designated platform. And then, at the correct time, the train arrived. 

Or, rather, it left. From the next platform. 

Major typo

I’ve posted a picture of this decomposing poster some weeks ago. It’s stuck behind a timetable at the bus stop at the top of the hill. 

How’ve I not noticed the massive typo before?


We’re on an extremely slow train to Peterborough. Pulling into Cambridge now. 

The slow pace, which we’d estimate at around 40mph, is a little short of the 244kph reached by a train we were travelling on in Germany.