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When we had snow a few weeks ago, and there was the usual public transport failure, I met a bloke in the bus station in Washington. We complained about having to walk part way because nudes can no longer climb (clear and gritted) hills.

Anyway, I see him pretty much every night, since I increased my working hours due to an impending deadline.

We mostly discuss the timeliness of the X1, but last night the conversation became more interesting.

We talked about Jung.


I’ve been to work today, but finished at a sensible time and am now in my local.

I should mention that I’m supposed to be on leave today and en route to Glasgow to see Elbow playing at the SSE Hydro.

We’d decided to make a weekend of it, so I was looking forward to visiting my favourite bars and eateries.

Sadly, it was announced last night that tonight’s cancelled due to weather and impassable roads. We’d fully intended chancing the trip and had planned to take sleeping bags, food and water. But it wasn’t to be.

The gig’s been rearranged for Monday, but we both have work commitments.

Anyway, enough of that, time for some pictures from the last couple of days.


After submitting meter readings a few days, we’ve received a new energy bill. The previous readings/bill had reduced our monthly electricity and gas costs to just £34. While it was clear that the new stove would have reduced our energy costs, we realised that a drop from £120 a month was unrealistic. 

So, I’d intended to pay above the £34 to avoid a sharp increase after another winter. However, that didn’t happen, and so I’m now faced with another change in payments. A drop to £25 a month. 

Taking into the cost of firewood, that means our last year’s energy costs have been an impressive £618. Better still, taking into account the new decrease, that could be around £510 for the next year. 

Pre-stoves, our annual costs were around £1,440. Which gives us a saving of at least £798 over the past year. I’d not actually anticipated saving anything overall, so this is a nice bonus. 

Of course, this has been a mild winter, so we`ve needed only six tons to firewood. But it does mean that the new stove has already paid for itself. 

And, since wood is a carbon neutral fuel, our environmental impact is looking pretty good. 

Flooding II

What a waste of time and money. After only a couple of days, the quayside flood barriers are being taken down.