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Last night, we bumped into Brian, in a bar in Bournemouth. What’s unusual about that, you ask. Well, we only know Brian from our local in Gateshead.

He’s working here for a few weeks.

There are many pubs in Bournemouth. Synchronicity.

Grumpy Panda

I’m still surprised that a vegan fast food place can survive in Gateshead. After intending to visit Grumpy Panda since it opened, we finally made the (short) trip this afternoon.

Well worth it too.

Think this could be a regular thing.


Last night, on the spur of the moment, we went to see the tall ships in Sunderland.

It wasn’t as good a set up as the Newcastle event a few years ago, but way better than I’d expected.

The tightrope across the Wear was pretty impressive.


The nightlife in Gateshead isn’t great. There’re a few pockets of niceness, but a pub crawl of decent establishments is difficult.

However, we now have the By the River Brew Co. Which is by the river.

The right side of the river.

Rocket man

My second in command has been somewhat excited about this evening. She’d been looking forward to seeing the Rocket in the Discovery museum.

It’s been nice to do the history/culture thing, rather than spending the evening in bars.

Enough of that though, we’re now in our fourth bar.


I’ve been to work today, but finished at a sensible time and am now in my local.

I should mention that I’m supposed to be on leave today and en route to Glasgow to see Elbow playing at the SSE Hydro.

We’d decided to make a weekend of it, so I was looking forward to visiting my favourite bars and eateries.

Sadly, it was announced last night that tonight’s cancelled due to weather and impassable roads. We’d fully intended chancing the trip and had planned to take sleeping bags, food and water. But it wasn’t to be.

The gig’s been rearranged for Monday, but we both have work commitments.

Anyway, enough of that, time for some pictures from the last couple of days.

An average station bar

We’re a little early for our train, so sought out the bar in Nuremberg station. This bar isn’t anything like the average UK station bar. 

We’re currently sitting outside the bar, with ice cold Landwehr-brau in the sunshine. 

A few minutes ago, I had a conversation with a local bloke about fussball. He said hello and asked where I’m from. When I told him I’m from, he asked if I was from Sunderland or Newcastle (in that order). Apparently, he follows the premier league (I think that’s something to do with football). I was impressed that he was aware of geography in the UK. He also mentioned Middlesbrough. I worked there for a little while when I was 16.

Fanny’s Ale House

While my resolve was strong, I was drawn into Fanny’s Ale House. An amazing choice of beer (Berliner Pilsner for me) and a great fire. 

And a link to the Northeast too. 

And some blokes playing guitars and ukeleles upstairs. 

Yes, Saltaire’s ok.