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Marley’s ghost

We also visited Kingston today. Where we went to the Bob Marley museum.

There’s just the one picture, because cameras weren’t allowed inside. But it was worth going. Essentially, it’s a Georgian house, largely as it was intended, apart from the 70s recording studio.

The shot room was a little strange, though. Best look it up.

I did learn something new about the bloke. He was a vegan. Which makes him cool. Forget the music, he was a vegan.


Watching Dragon’s Den. Someone’s making gin with collagen.

I do love gin, but I don’t understand why anyone would want to drink such a beautiful thing with the inclusion of liquidised animal tissue.

Fucking disgusting.

Grumpy Panda

I’m still surprised that a vegan fast food place can survive in Gateshead. After intending to visit Grumpy Panda since it opened, we finally made the (short) trip this afternoon.

Well worth it too.

Think this could be a regular thing.

Sam Smiths

I’ve previously mentioned my fondness for Samuel (not John) Smith’s beer.

I took this picture outside Saint Mary’s Vaults, yesterday.

Which is a lovely old pub.

In a lovely old town.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a Sam Smith’s bar being marketed as vegan/organic.

Beans on toast

Many years ago, I made baked beans from scratch. After the best part of a day in the oven, the beans were still chewy and, despite my best attempts at coercion, my kids refused to eat them. Well, they were pretty horrid.

The episode removed any desire to attempt baked beans again. Until recently. Fed up with cans of beans floating in orange-red, thin sugary slime, I began to think about making my own again.

Fortunately, since my last attempt, the internet was created. So, last night we ate beans on toast.

And they were delicious. Cheap too, a couple of quid and it’d comfortably feed four. Which means tonight’s evening meal will involve leftover beans.

This experience, and our new found fondness for chilli made only with beans, means that legumes will feature more prominently in my diet.


Today was the second day of our local’s pie festival.

The vegetarian choice is pretty good. Really good.

I quite enjoyed the two vegan pies I sampled tonight. I rate the aloo gobi highly, but the green-filled second pie was very nice too. I’m not sure what was in it, but it was tasty.

When I say green, I’m not referring to anything you can’t buy from Lidl.

The Ostrich and the Bumble Inn

The Bumble Inn, in Peterborough, opened a couple of years ago, but it has unusual and short opening hours. As a result, it’s taken me ages to catch the place open.

It was mostly populated by middle aged, real ale types. But there was a nice feel about the place and a choice of unfined beer.

And, over a year since our last visit, we called in to the Ostrich. It was already one of the best pubs in the city, it’s now made the full switch to craft beer.

Most impressive was the guest ale board, with a Buxton tap takeover.

Almost every one’s fish free too.


As it’s my 49th birthday tomorrow, my second in command decided on a meal in the Bohemian in town. If you don’t know it, it’s a vegan restaurant on Pink Lane.

And the food’s incredible.

This was our first visit to Boho, but it definitely won’t be the last.

Out there in Ouseburn

On a sunny, but freezing, Sunday, we decided on a walk along the quayside. Attracted by the prospect of vegan yorkshire puddings in the Tyne Bar.

On our way, we stopped off at the Crown Posada, where the only unfined beer was Jakehead. While a little strong for a Sunday, I couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately, the Tyne Bar don’t seem to have perfected vegan puddings, so we opted for a drink instead. My second in command went with Sam Smith’s strawberry beer, while I had an Out There sour. The latter was kindof nice. For a sour beer.

In the Cluny, I decided on an Out There Space is the Place, a beer which first attracted me to the brewer.

Their beer’s mostly vegetarian/vegan and it’s local too.

Yesterday, we visited the Ship, also in Ouseburn, after a trip to the pretty amazing vintage furniture shop around the corner. We didn’t buy furniture, but we did have a gorgeous curry in the Ship.

I’m pretty sure it’s the only vegan pub in Newcastle. I’d love to be wrong though.