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I attended a mate’s funeral today. It was pretty horrible, but nice at the same time. I knew, deep down, that Freebird would be played at some point. And it was. 

Right at the end. 

I can’t say more. But the world has has lost one of the good guys. 

Nick Cave

Traffic en route to Manchester yesterday was terrible, leading to a late arrival and virtually no time for pre-gig beer. 

After checking in, we headed straight for Oxford Road, where I introduced my companions to Big Hands. We then walked at pace to the Arena, where we encountered a queue of great magnitude. 

Worried that we’d miss some of the gig, we began to regret the pre-departure drinks in Gateshead and our one drink in Big Hands. After what seemed like an eternity, we discovered the cause of the queue; airport-like security, complete with metal detectors. The large queue was being filtered through a half dozen security lanes. 

Once inside, beer was hurriedly purchased before finding a suitable viewing point. Then, within a few minutes, the band came on stage. 

And delivered an incredible performance. I won’t say more, it’s all here. But I’ve been struggling to get the theme tune from Peaky Blinders out of my head all day. 

It was so good, I only have one rather pathetic picture and nothing uploaded to Youtube. 

Afterwards, we hastily reunited and set off for Sinclair’s Oyster Bar and the Shakeapeare, both of which were no longer serving. Which meant a march back to Oxford Road, where we found a Wetherspoon’s open. Just. After a quick beer, we relocated to the more favourable surroundings of the Temple. All but one of my companions hadn’t been there before, but I’m sure they’ll all return. 

Food followed, then it was back to Big Hands until closing time at two. 

On our return this afternoon, a farewell drink was a must before we all went our separate ways. With fond memories of Mr Cave’s performance in the company of nice people. 

Little yellow spider

I do sometimes wonder whether yellow spiders, as in the Devendra Banhart song, actually exist. 

Our spider has yellow stripes on its legs, so maybe that counts. He/she seems to have made its home in a corner of the ceiling. 

According to the internet, house spiders can live for several years; months without food too. While I’m uncertain as to whether this is a house spider, I no longer need to be concerned about the lack of insects in our kitchen. 

God and relationships

Our new spider disappeared the other day. I found myself to be concerned. 

However, it transpired that it had traversed the spider continent of our kitchen wall. To seek the protection of Jesus, the guardian of the beer fridge. 

That’s him/her, on the left. Just above the lamp. Here …


I have fond memories of Schneider Weiss Aventinus from many years ago. My now son-in-law sampled a little too much of the 12% Aventinus Eisbeck when I was last in Munich, while the 8.2% Aventinus proved to be a safer option. 

I’m now back in the Schneider Weiss Brauhaus after twelve years. This visit was only for the purposes of a single Schneider Weiss original. And it was very nice. 

As is the Tap 6 Aventinus I’m now drinking. 

Silent movies

This evening was something of an experiment. We went, with Karl and Michelle, to see Nosferatu at the heritage centre in Gateshead. I’d say town, which Gateshead is, but I’d generally refer to Newcastle as such. Even though it’s not a town. 

Anyway, we went to see a silent film in an old church. Which had a bar. A cheap bar. 

And it was great. Truly great. 

Of course, I couldn’t take a picture of the screen. That would have been wrong.

Wish I had though.