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Micropub update

The premises license for the micropub came through the other day. While we’d heard weeks ago that the license had been approved, the physical license took a few weeks to materialise.

Not that we were in a rush; we’re still waiting for the lease and planning permission. The deadline for the planning decision is the end of next week though, so there should be another development soon.

Of course, that’ll still leave the matter of the lease.

Meanwhile, thoughts on potential t-shirts (they won’t be white, this exists only on paper right now). And maybe a table top.

And I’m continuing to buy random shit.

The Quatermass Xperiment

I’m currently watching the Quatermass Xperiment (1955) on TV.

AKA the creeping unknown.

As a young child, I found this film pretty scary. Following the return of a space ship to Earth, with its nose buried deep in the ground, the experts arrived at the crash site.

As a young child, I wouldn’t have known what a VW T2 was, even though I had one of those German police VW car and van models.

So I wouldn’t have noticed that the experts had arrived in a T2 split screen.

One unusual thing about the van was the radio set in the engine compartment!


Facing the problem of not being able to install an exterior condenser unit, we visited some micropubs in town to take a look at their cellar setups.


It seems I’ve been granted a premises license.

Which feels weird since we don’t actually have a premises.

A huge step though.


If I had to give simple, logical reasons for not completely breaking ties with the Schooner, I’m not confident That I could.

But I’ve decided to keep a small share (10%). Plans for a micropub are unchanged, so I’ll focus on that when we make progress in that direction.

Much agonising was involved, but right now I think it’s a good decision.


Probably an insane thing to do right now, but we have somewhat vague plans for a Micropub.

Our interim thoughts are of a July opening; however there are obvious dependencies.

15 months

I wouldn’t have thought it possible to pack so much into 15 months. 15 months ago, that is.

My time in the Schooner has been incredible. So much stress in the early days, but so much fun too. The hours/days/weeks were long, but the experience was like nothing I’d known before. I don’t regret it for a second; I’ve learned so much.

A huge thanks to my former partners. We went into this as friends and came out the same. No, we’re more than friends after everything we’ve been through.

I’m now going to do some work on our long neglected house, while researching the next venture.

I could never have imagined that retirement could be so crazy.