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Green door

After putting it off for way too long, we now have a new front door (-ish).

It needs some work, but it’s already miles better than its plastic predecessor.

Apparently, the door shall be green.

Its neighbour too, most likely.


After hacking plaster off and digging out the debris inside the shed, much of this afternoon was spent rendering.

While there’s a lot more to do, I’m happy with the result.

I’d set myself a target of the end of summer to finish the shed, so it’s going to be touch and go.

Man cave-ing

I’d booked a half day today, a mate was going to bring town this afternoon. But his plans changed due to an unreliable babysitter.

And so, I took the half day and spent the afternoon in the shed. Getting there.

Back to reality

Today, after we did some shopping, I worked in the shed.

I’ve finally started rebuilding the second inner wall. I know, it doesn’t look as though I’ve done a lot.

But I’ve also ran a cable from the house into the shed.

An afternoon in the shed

After my longed for day off tomorrow was reduced to a half day, before being completely overtaken by the stuff I get paid to do, I took the opportunity to take this afternoon off.

After four hours working on the shed, though, I swear it doesn’t look any different.

However, at least I’ve now reduced the risk of imminent collapse.

A morning in the shed

After last weekend’s pretence that the shed no longer existed, I’ve spent most of this morning working on the second wall. Most of the lower, inner wall is now in the garden.

And, in common with my experience of the first wall, last year, I’ve exposed a neighbour’s garden.

Time for some gardening before we take my mother to lunch.