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A very important note (addendum)

After reading the inside page of my leaflet, I’ve also learned that I must avoid:

Which is a shame because I fancy a bit of revelling.

A very important note

A few minutes ago, while on my way to the station in Preston, a man gave me a leaflet. ‘A very important note’ which informed me that, if I have turned from my sin, and have received The Lord Jesus Christ into my heart, I need to regularly: (1) Read the Bible each day; (2) Go and have regular fellowship with other people who love and obey The Lord; (3) Speak to other people about the Lord Jesus Christ and the good news he brought; (4) Be baptized (sic) in water.

I also need to ask the Lord to guide me to the right church or fellowship.

Sounds like too much hassle to me.


While in the Dun Cow (apparently it was originally called the Black Cow in the 1700s) the other night, I noticed a poster related to the current Foster’s marketing campaign; the one where they’re trying to make out that the muck they sell in the UK is the same product which was born in Australia in 1888.

Anyway, the poster’s theme is traditional pub games. There’s a link to download one such game to a smartphone. The link, at the bottom of the poster, will take you to a skittles game. The game being played in the poster is quoits.

Now, I do understand why the poster depicts a game of quoits. After all, it was incredibly popular in the 1800s, so does give the illusion of authenticity. But I can’t imagine many Foster’s drinkers having heard of such a game. In their shoes, I’d have released a skittles game too.

I’ve not downloaded it.


Cupboard of doom

Everyone has one. A cupboard of doom. Mine is was under the stairs in the kitchen and its doom-ish properties had evolved over a period of years. Originally, it held a fridge (the one that blew up a couple of years ago, tripping the power and turning the contents of the freezer to soup), a freezer and some power tools. Then, as is the norm, the contents grew to the point that the space was no longer accessible.

When decorating the kitchen recently, i couldn’t face the cupboard, so painted round it. If the light wasn’t turned on, you couldn’t see how badly in need of paint it was.

But, after my second in command pointed out that the cupboard could be put to a better use, I resolved to tackle it. It’s now freshly painted and contains only the fridge, freezer and the kitchen computer. I’m feeling quite proud of myself.

I’ve even thrown stuff out and the bin’s full to capacity. I probably need to do something about the potentially useful things I’ve rescued and crammed under the bed, but I’ll probably wait a while before I move them back into the cupboard.

Beer in the sunshine

After an unplanned night out in town left me with a vile hangover, today’s decorating wasn’t exactly the most pleasant of experiences. However, beer will make everything better.