Monthly Archives: October 2013

Bus sparkliness

While sitting on a new bus (I used to find new buses exciting as a young child, but remember there were only two tv channels at the time) a few minutes ago, I noticed that bits of the interior sparkled. I don’t mean sparkled as in clean, although the bus was very clean. As you’d expect from a new bus.
I mean sparkled.


Half way there

A couple of days ago, I updated quite a few apps (they used to be called applications in old computing days, you know) on my phone. Including WordPress.

Which was a good thing to do.

Unless WordPress wouldn’t then open again of course. Naturally, I deleted said application then reinstalled it again. Unfortunately, I was then prompted to enter my user name, domain name and password. I do recall my domain name, so that gets me a third of the way. Regrettably though, I couldn’t remember the user name and/or password. And still can’t.

So, while I undertake the arduous process of extracting long forgotten material from my head, I’m using a computer to type this. Anyway …

This evening, my second in command dragged escorted me to the Tuns to see a Bon Jovi cover band. They were actually pretty good. Apart from one issue; they sounded too much like the real thing. My ears hurt. My brain hurts. Every sinew and other stringy bit in my body hurts.

Also this evening, the kitten conversation re-emerged. In essence, people will consume pretty much any bit from an animal. Noses, ears, skin, arteries, balls. I could go on. But most people don’t realise they’re doing this. Or, more important, realise they’re doing this in a single meal. For example, any burger, sausage, pie, chicken product, ready meal etc.

But, at the same time, people wouldn’t dream of eating kittens. I’m a vegetarian. I’m a vegetarian because I believe it’s wrong to eat something that would rather be alive (and not eaten). I brought my kids up as vegetarians, because that was the right thing to do, and they’ve done the same with their children (I admire my kids for doing this because there are more pressures on kids to conform nowadays. And because they stick to their principles too).

But, and I can’t help picturing Shrodinger’s cat here, if I were to find myself in a locked room with a cute, fluffy kitten and no source of food, I’d definitely bite the head off the kitten if I felt that I was in a life or death situation. I might not enjoy it, and I’m sure that the furry bits between my teeth might annoy me, but I’d live another few days.

The kitten, I should say, would have no reservations about dining at my expense and would probably live for several weeks on my nose, ears, skin (you get the idea).

Generally, I don’t preach about what (I think) people should or shouldn’t eat. But I know I should do. At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility isn’t it?

After all, a kitten is no less a baby than a lamb or a calf.

Sunday afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, my second in command and I went for a walk to the Schooner.

We only stayed for the one drink, but I’m sure we’ll end up losing an afternoon there one day.

Then we walked along the Gateshead side of the river. Just for a change.

That’s the Tyne Bar over the other side of the river.

Needing a rest after our long walk, we stopped at the Central, where we lost several hours. The buskers session on a Sunday afternoon there is pretty good. Yesterday, a bloke was doing requests; he was way better than you’d expect to see in a pub and was one of the main reasons we stayed longer than planned.
We returned home late with a takeaway. And, thanks to the manager in the Central, the foundation for my next project. A new coffee table.


Get Carter

Just saw a Honda commercial on TV. I was pretty surprised to hear the old Get Carter soundtrack.
I know the film wasn’t really locally produced, but it does still feel very local.
Maybe it’ll help sell cars too.


Liverpool were playing Newcastle this afternoon. In Newcastle. And I’m in town with two ladies wearing Liverpool shirts.
Still, the Tyne Bar has Paulaner.


Fecking buses

I’m not experiencing a very good bus service today.

In an attempt to cut down my working day, I’ve been starting later this week. But I’m finding that later buses aren’t too reliable and I’m spending a lot of time at bus stops. This morning’s lengthy waiting periods led me to the decision that I’d rather spend time in the office than at bus stops.
And, with a house guest potentially arriving five minutes ago, my even longer return home has added a mountain of icing on the Go-Northeast cake.
I now formally withdraw all of the nice things I said about said bus company a few weeks ago.


I’m so impressed with my Raspberry Pi.

It’s a pretty cool thing.

I’m sure I’ll find lots of things to do with it.

What I saw today

After walking across the high level bridge with my expensive batteries, I felt the need to rest. Fortunately the Central has seating and a rather nice range of refreshments.

So I stopped, bought some Sam Smith’s oatmeal stout. And settled down to watch a man play a saw.