The Angel Inn

The Angel Inn, in Leeds, always reminds me of an old mate, with whom I lost touch a few years ago. 

He was, probably still is, a nice bloke. The Pub is a nice pub. Well, it’s a Sam Smith’s pub, so nice, fishless beer is always plentiful. With a gap between trains, I called in for a pint of stout (a mere £2.30). Then had a second. 

While I could have easily stayed longer, my only mate in Leeds is in Croydon right now, so a return to the station was in order. Via the Head of Steam. 

Where a man brought flowers to me. 

Returning to tbe Angel Inn, I should mention that it’s in a cool location. 

I should also mention that the flowers were a form of advertising. I may have thanked the man for bringing flowers for me. He may also have said that I he did so because I appeared to be ‘sad and alone’.