Monthly Archives: February 2014

Getting old

I don’t seem to be able to handle a heavy night like I used to. After beer before, during and after last night’s PUSA gig, I’ve spent much of today lying on the sofa. It’s just as well I’m on leave because there’s no way I could’ve gone to work.

The gig was stupidly good, although it wasn’t even close to a sell-out. They’re not exactly well known now I guess.




The Isis

In the Isis now. It’s empty. Which it would be since the doors only just opened.


I’ve so earned this pint of beer.



Feeling numb right now, but my tooth is fixed. I think I’ve earned a pint of Erdinger in the Isis.

Thirty pence

Liverpool is most memorable to me as the first place a beggar asked for thirty pence (the going rate then was 20 pence).

Being there right now brings back my forgotten fondness for the place.



Just been talking to a man in the toilets in the Tuns. He has red eyes. I don’t mean the white bits. The middle. Creepy.


I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. I quite like it. Believe it or not, it’s not altered in any way, but exactly as it was taken. Really.


There were lights and stuff in the bar, and I did take a lot of rubbish pictures before this one, but I can claim this to be untouched (albeit fuzzy).


What on earth is the point of curling? There’s no way it’s a proper sport. I acknowledge my general lack of interest in pretty much any sport, but this particular activity is so silly. I mean, why?

Anyway, our wardrobe construction is now complete. I’ll admit that it seemed to take forever, fitting in the odd hour of two after work, but I’ve quite enjoyed it.



The song gives a seemingly nonsensical description of a girl named or nicknamed “Lump”, from the point of view of someone who knew her personally (someone who may have been in love with her). Lump is, during the song, lying in a swamp. It is uncertain whether she is catatonic, unconscious, or dying. Her life, as it is described, seemed to have been a wasted one. She was probably either unintelligent or had possibly suffered mental deficiency from heavy consumption of alcohol or drugs, though the latter isn’t stated explicitly. It is also implied that Lump was sexually promiscuous.

This time next week I shall be having beer in a nice pub. Before experiencing the boggy marsh that is the O2 Academy.

To see the Presidents of the United States of America.

Binocular spectacles

Came across these on eBay; I did seriously consider bidding. For display value only of course.


Apparently they’re ideal for football matches, sporting events and the theatre.


After setbacks and delays, largely a result of work and other (laziness) commitments, wardrobe construction has been slow.

However, progress has been made this week.