Monthly Archives: June 2014

Ferry Meadows II

It’s really nice here. I’m sitting with my book and a beer, watching rabbits and squirrels.


It’s just a shame that the circumstances weren’t different.

Frogs legs

Earlier today, while waiting for my second in command to pick me up from Ferry Meadows, I watched a very old cat eat frogs. Well, I only saw it eat one, but it had begun stalking a second.



After three days at Glastonbury, then yesterday and today in Peterborough, with the worst ever 3G reception, it’s rest to discover that this campsite has pretty good wifi. It’s just a shame it took me a day and a half to notice.

Human nature

At what’s turned into a pretty horrible time, it’s reassuring how nice some people can be. But times like this also bring out the selfish, self centred characteristics in others. I’ve completely lost faith in a few people I’d believed to be decent.


I should mention that I’m currently in Peterborough, having left Glastonbury this morning. It’s a very sad, emotional time right now and we needed to be here.


Despite thunderstorms, mud and sunburn, Glastonbury’s an amazing experience. A couple of pictures, delayed due a pretty awful 3G signal; our hire van, which we now love very much, our campsite and an evening view of the Pyramid stage (while Elbow were playing.





I have pictures taken with a real camera; these may follow when I’m home.


Yesterday, we went to Sunderland. Our main reason for being there was a visit to the dentist, but we do rather like the Isis. So we had to call in.


And then I introduced my second in command to what used to be the Clarendon. A pub with a view.