Root canal fillings

Don’t. Don’t have a root canal filling. I’ve had two, with the same outcome. Pain.

The trouble is that the tooth is dead after a root canal filling. It becomes brittle and can’t last forever.

Just over a year ago, December ’18, I experienced a failed attempt to remove a root canal filled tooth. It was pretty horrible, with two dentists trying to remove the tooth, which had broken into pieces. This resulted in extreme pain over the next few days; relieved only by a cocktail of pills and alcohol.

Several months later, the remnants of the tooth were removed at the dental hospital. Surgery was involved.

Today, after a peanut break, my second root canal filled tooth was extracted. The experience wasn’t great. But, while there is pain, fewer painkillers have been needed.

Tooth removal on a good day is brutal. I’d describe my recent experiences as nothing short of barbaric.