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Have you ever …

… seen Augustines? Because, if you haven’t, you’ve truly missed something special.

This was definitely one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. And possibly the best.

And on home soil too, the Riverside, Newcastle. Well, for us.




The off-stage stuff was brilliant. Can’t say more than that.

They’re playing in Glasgow tomorrow; go to see them.

The bus lottery

I’ve just played the bus lottery.

The rules are simple; if you find yourself at Gateshead Interchange, in need of a bus in the direction of Deckham, Sheriff Hill or Wrekenton, then you can play. If the X1 arrives first, you have to go straight home. But if a 28, 56, or 57 arrives first you have to get off at the Three Tuns and have a beer.

This evening, a new rule was added. If a 57 turns up seconds after an X1, you have to disregard the first bus and run to the 57.

I’m now drinking the only bottle of Double Maxim in the Tuns’ fridge.


While sitting on my fourth (excluding the Metro) train today, I’m listening to my elderly ipod (it saves my phone battery).

Since the weekend is close, I’m overdosing on Augustines this week. Because the new album is so good, I’ve mainly been listening to the first, Rise Ye Sunken Ships. Which is a great album. Truly.

If you’ve never heard of Augustines, listen to the first album. And don’t listen to the second until you’ve played the first at least a dozen times – you’ll not appreciate it otherwise.

Because the second album is better. Now, because you’ve been listening to the first album a couple of dozen times, that might be hard to believe. But it is.

Buy both, listen to them in the correct order, then buy the last remaining ticket to see them at the Riverside in Newcastle on Saturday. Hell, if you’re skint, I’ll even buy you a ticket.

You’ve nothing to lose but your head (second album).



Ye Olde Blue Bell

Currently standing on the platform (3) in Preston station, waiting for a delayed train. I was booked on the three o’clock, but had to stay behind to do some work after the meeting.

I always try to be positive though. The pint of Samuel Smith’s extra stout, in the olde blue bell, was most enjoyable. The second was also quite nice.


Gateshead High Street is slowly rotting away. It’s embarrassing that the town applied for city status last year.





Despite the new development in Trinity Square, the town centre’s a mess. The Council’s policy seems to be one of neglect and demolition and the centre’s even worse that Sunderland’s. And, dare I say, Stevenage.


Apparently, Peter and Maria had a conversation along these lines before he left to meet me last night:
Peter: No, I can’t leave any later, I need to meet Gary at half seven.
Maria: you didn’t say you were going out with Gary!
Peter: Does it matter who I go out with?
Maria: No, but you always come home really drunk when you go out with Gary.

Which reminds me that Anne recently said the same thing about Trevor. I’ve tended to think about it the other way round; I get really drunk when I’m out with Peter or Trevor.

We did have a little too much, too quickly, last night though. On returning home, I noticed that the road wasn’t busy at all. So I took the opportunity to try to replicate this picture.


But it didn’t quite work out.


And I think that my second in command’s car needs a wash.


Currently at the end of a set from Rattlebone. They have an excellent drummer, so I knew that bit would be ok. But I’m really enjoying their own stuff; less the covers admittedly, but they don’t need those.

Worth seeing.


Cool things

This must be the coolest laptop ever. I once attempted to do something similar with a desktop, but gave up after seriously underestimating the amount of work needed. You can buy stuff too.