Monthly Archives: December 2016


I’m hoping that 2017 will be a good year; this year hasn’t been the best and, to be honest, this Christmas and New Year rank pretty low. 

Never mind, though, next year will be better. 


She used to say she was an orphan. But that never was exactly the truth. Was just her mother got tired, tired of her hanging around. So she ended up living in a home for girls. She’s a straight haired kid in a house full of curls. A straight haired kid, always hanging around.

I have to say, I’m loving my new Fiio X1. And to think I was going to buy a new iPod. It may be a low end product in the Fiio range, but the sound is pretty amazing. 

But she split that one horse town, just got tired of all the people who were hanging around. She split that ane horse town. 

I’m currently listening to Sam Baker’s Orphan. My iPod is now in the bin. 


I bought my kids a Fiio X1 for Christmas in the hope that someone might buy one for me. And they did. 

Oh my. 

I couldn’t have imagined such sound through a shitty pair of Apple headphones. 

I’m first trying it with Augustines, but Elbow has to be next. Then maybe some Eels. Shit, this is amazing. 

Sshhh, let me listen in peace. 

Christmas presents

I’m coming to realise thar buying my second in command a zip wire ride from the top of the Baltic, across the Tyne, as a Christmas present, possibly wasn’t my best ever idea.

My Second in Command

I may need to explain why I often refer to my other half as my second in command. My eldest grandchild once drew a picture of us together. A picture founded on her belief (as a very young child) that I was actually Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: the next generation. 

This is a picture of my second in command, drawn by my eldest grandchild a few years ago. 

The first drawing has long since been lost (the above is from a recently discovered archive). However, a cropped image still exists. 

There’s a lot more detail in the original; it’s apparent that my second in command’s hair lacked strands in the follow-up (the first picture above).

OK, in the absence of the original, here’s the later version 

Note the detail, the presence of Geordi La Forge on the left 


I feel I may have done Bolton something of an injustice. I’d assumed it to be comparable to Gateshead, but it’s actually quite nice. There are some unattractive concrete lumps, of course, and too many empty shop units, but the place certainly isn’t Gateshead.

And I learned of James Stanley. 

Piccadilly Tap II

A return visit was made to the Piccadilly Tap last night. 

The place exudes coolness, but also happens to have an impressive range of beers. 

My second in command didn’t quite get this though. Well, not immediately.