Monthly Archives: January 2017


Although it’s once more been stolen by my second in command, my Fiio X1 is an excellent train companion. 


This is quite possibly the most overpriced beer ever (purchased at Peterborough station). 

I wonder whether the ridged design of the can means that three times as much metal is used in production. 

Or is the special shiny-ness achieved by intensive hand polishing? Or, perhaps, the can is actually silver plated. And the paint is really enamel. 

Even if all of the above were true, £2.99 a can is a bit over the top. 

He who watches over us

After calling off at the College Arms, while my second in command was shopping, we’re now back in the Wortley Almshouses, where our guardian angel watches over us. 

My second in command finds him creepy, but I believe him to be our protector. 

He’s now looking right at you. 

North Street Bar

North Street Bar, a bar on North Street, was a favourite of ours. While it didn’t open until late evening, it was a regular last stopping point. It stayed open until the early hours and could be relied on for cool, chilled live music. 

Sadly, the bar is no more. Worse still, it’s been replaced by one of those vile places that specialise in desserts. 

We’re now in the Draper’s Arms, raising a glass to a dearly missed friend. 

The Hypnotist

We’re in the Ostrich (where my second in command once lost my hat). The place has changed, but only in terms of beer. There’s a much wider choice of real beer. Unfortunately, there’s only one unfined beer (apart from Stella, that is). And it’s called the Hypnotist. At only 6.7%, and an IPA, it’s pretty close to Jakehead. But not quite as nice. 

It’s beautiful though. 


This is potentially my most favourite bar on the planet. The Wortley Almshouses. 

The Gents’ toilets smell a bit of pee this evening, but that does mean this end of the pub is pretty empty. 

it’s entirely possible that this end of the pub always smells of pee. Our usual seat, at the other end, is occupied. 

Bike thieves

We’re now in the Brewery Tap. We’ve not been here in a few years. In fact, as nice as the place is, we’ve not been here since the night our (much loved) bikes were stolen. 

I’m not sure why we’ve not been back to this bar since that night – the bikes were actually taken from the bike park in Cowgate, round the corner to the Draper’s Arms. Maybe it was because we’d had a great time here (which we did). 

But we’re now. It’s still rather nice. 


It’s been quite a while, but we’re now enjoying a beer in Charter’s. A favourite bar of ours, it’s freshly decorated. The interior, that is. 

The bar’s still great though. There’s a band playing later. We’re pondering.