Monthly Archives: August 2018


I didn’t want to screw numbers to a new door, so I came up with an alternative.

It’ll need tidying up when I’ve time, but it’ll do the job for now.


OK, there’s historic (hopefully) woodworm and someone’s made a bodged attempt at re-covering, but we just bought this.


Only a year late, it seems our AD’OM prime will ship by the end of next month.

Of course, that’ll be a shipping container to an unknown European distribution centre. Still, the last mile will be by courier.

Green door

After putting it off for way too long, we now have a new front door (-ish).

It needs some work, but it’s already miles better than its plastic predecessor.

Apparently, the door shall be green.

Its neighbour too, most likely.

In the garden with a friend

While enjoying a hard earned beer or two in the garden, the woodpigeon arrived. He sat on the fence for a few minutes, looking at the bread, in his tray, on the table next to me. He bottled it and flew off.

And returned a few minutes later.

Then, he jumped onto the table next to me.

We’ve noticed for a while that he recognises us. He hangs around for food when he sees us in the garden, or through the kitchen window, so we’re clearly associated with pigeon food.

He’s putting on a bit of weight, so I guess we should get him back on porridge.


After hacking plaster off and digging out the debris inside the shed, much of this afternoon was spent rendering.

While there’s a lot more to do, I’m happy with the result.

I’d set myself a target of the end of summer to finish the shed, so it’s going to be touch and go.

The subways of Washington

A few years ago, I considered writing a book, a pictorial book, about the subways of Washington (T&W, not DC). I have lots of pictures of Washington subways, but I’m now actually considering an alternative publication; one based on shopping trolleys.

I’d run with the title: the Shopping Trolleys of Washington.

I’ve already begun work on illustrations.

More may follow, in advance of my book.

Unless, of course, I revert to the original subway concept.