Monthly Archives: November 2013

Zombie apocalypse

It’s definitely worth taking a look at the US Netflix. I’d not bothered, since I’m still working my way through a couple of TV series. But curiosity got the better of me.

There’re a ridiculous amount of ridiculously named zombie-themed films.

For example:


And, perhaps an obvious one:


John O’Gaunt

I’m currently in Ye olde John O’Gaunt, a nice, little pub in Lancaster. Because I got on the wrong train.

I keep telling myself I’ll learn from these experiences.

There’s an interesting plaque in the gents’ toilets here.


There’s obviously a story behind it.


I’ve not travelled by train in a little while so hadn’t appreciated that work on Central Station had gotten underway. On the inside, that is( the outside’s been a mess for a few months now.


Northeast vegan festival

Surprisingly, the Stadium of Light hosted the Northeast vegan festival today. Which was really big and really good. We bought hot stuff in jars and nice burgers.

And now we’re in the Isis. With Erdinger, which is of course vegan.




Games machines

I don’t gamble or play on machines in pubs. Or other places. I gave in today, however.


Didn’t have a clue though.


The moon over the Tyne just after four this afternoon.


One of the main reasons for walking across the high level bridge today was to buy a battery for this.


I still don’t have a battery.