Monthly Archives: March 2015

New phone VII

At this rate, I’m going to run out of Roman numerals. I lost connectivity over 3G again today, but at least I’ve found on a forum that there’s a networking bug. So, now I know that the problem’s not down to my phone, three, or me, I’ll patiently wait for a fix. I do love the phone though.

Things that go bang …

Unfortunately, my bargain ebay charger seems to have caused the premature death of our TV. Everything else plugged-in near the exploding charger has survived, but the (few months old) TV is lifeless. Admittedly, I was considering a bigger TV, but I’d no intention of buying one so soon. Luckily, my second in command has purchased a replacement this evening.

Lessons may have been learned.

Things that go bump in the night

Or bang. I was woken from a very nice, snug, sleep a few hours ago, by a noise. I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d heard, but I knew it’d been loud. My second in command I bravely investigated in darkness (the power had gone off) and found that the (bargain) charger I’d bought on ebay had exploded. Maybe it wasn’t such a bargain after all.



I’m currently watching Stargate Universe on Netflix. It’s not great, but a person doesn’t need to think too much while viewing. However, at the end of this particular episode, just after the hallucinogenic alien tics were removed from people’s heads, and just as I was starting to nod off, the music caught my attention. Eels. Eels’ Agony, from the Souljacker album. One of their best albums. I may need to watch the remaining (many) episodes.

New phone VI

After replacing the default APN settings with the manual settings from the three site, my phone now has an internet connection again. Of course, since the phone had randomly worked a couple of days ago, the problem may not have been resolved. I shall monitor the situation.

New phone IV

Well, it seems as though three may have been the cause of my phone’s limited connectivity. With no intervention on my part, I was able to open a browser with no error messages. And it’s worked fine since.

So it seems that I can retire the iPhone after all.

New phone III

I’m now wondering whether the problems I’m experiencing with 3G data are something to do with three. I can’t find anything on the Internet which would explain why I can only get web connection over wifi. But the phone’s so new there’s not a lot of information out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the phone; it’s very much like using a computer. There’s even a decent file manager, which lets you see just how close this is to full blown linux.

But I miss occupying myself with eBay and Twitter on the bus to and from work. The only immediate solution might be to use a second phone.

New phone II

Well, my new Ubuntu phone is proving to be something of a challenge. But I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The sparsity of apps isn’t (yet) proving to be the pain I’d anticipated. There’s an eBay app, although it defaults to the US (which is odd, since the phone is only available in the EU) and I now have Twitter up and running.

It’d be nice to have a native email application (the phone currently only has a gmail app), although this is planned in a future update. And the WordPress app only supports sites (I’m using my old iPhone right now, but will probably switch to my old Blackberry tablet until something else comes along).

What else? Oh, the phone would initially work in 2G, and refused to pick up a three signal, but there was a software update waiting and that only took an hour to figure out. I still don’t seem to be able to use the browser with anything other than wifi, but that’s the next thing I need to figure out.

Overally, I love the phone and the minor hassles aren’t detracting from the new experience.

New phone

It’s arrived. My beautiful new Ubuntu phone.


Although that does mean that I won’t have a phone with a WordPress app any longer.