Monthly Archives: May 2017


It may take some time to blend the new in with the old. 

I’m thinking that I probably should have just replaced the whole floor. 


The more I read about it, the more I feel that my beer-influenced decision to do the crowdfunding thing and commit to AD’OM.

I was sensible, though, and only committed to the Prime version, as opposed to the Premium. 

The 24 carat version might be overkill at 50 grand, so plastic is good enough for me. Although, the human size could be interesting, should it ever materialise. 

Mill Dam

Today, we went to South Shields. For a food and drink festival. Where we had decent veggie food and beer and cocktails. 

Afterwards, after putting a drunk teenager in a cab, we had a couple of beers at Mill Dam. In the Steamboat.

And, later, the magical effects of beer made my hair grow. 

I might need to have a haircut tomorrow. 

A flower

We have one solitary flower in our garden. A half hour ago, we had several. However, my second in command decided that she’d cut the grass while I was applying PVA to the spare bedroom walls. 

I did point out the locations of plants of beauty, but it was to no avail. All but one were mercilessly cut down.

I’m now sitting in the evening sunshine with a beer, overlooking a scene of devastation. 


Now the spare room’s plastered, it’s starting to look more like a room than a building site. 

Unfortunately, coving, one of my least favourite DIY tasks, took up most of my Sunday afternoon. 

I’m now sitting in the garden, listening to birds, with a well earned beer. 

Get Carter

I live in Gateshead. And Gateshead is renowned for movies. Get Carter, for example. 

Unfortunately, the 90’s remake wasn’t set in this fair town. Or country. 

Could you imagine Mr Stallone running around the Heed. It wouldn’t happen.