Monthly Archives: April 2014

In town today

In town today:
– a car on fire (well, newly extinguished)
– two arrests (possibly a driving offence and, separately, a shoplifter)
– embarrassing bodies filming
– a photo shoot near the castle
– an ex-wife

And I’m sure I’ve forgotten something (possibly an ex or two).


I’m over halfway through my second iPhone contract and really couldn’t imagine life without a smartphone. But iPhones are way too expensive. Although they’re great phones, there are much more capable devices out there. Android’s never really appealed to me, but I do want to try an alternative to Apple at some point in the future.

I’ve been watching the development of the Ubuntu phone for a while now, and it’s finally looking like one will be released later this year. It may not be the desktop replacement originally planned, but it looks gorgeous. And the release should fit in nicely with the end of my current contract.

Meanwhile though, there’s Firefox. Admittedly, it’s a far less capable phone, since it’s aimed at the lower end of the market, but it might be worth testing.



And they’re on eBay already.

Zombie apocalypse

I live on a busy main road. It’s seldom quiet, usually only in extreme weather conditions.

Or during the occasional zombie apocalypse.

Or at some silly time on a Sunday morning.







With a little help from Messrs Innis & Gunn, I’ve been reorganising some stuff on the hard drive(s) this evening. While doing so, I came across some pictures taken by my second in command. Here’re a couple. While they might not look so great here, because I’ve reduced them massively in file size/resolution, I still like them.

140426 liver bird

I should say, that they’re not from the same location, but I may be stating the obvious.

140426 sage

And, from my second in command’s favourite pub.

140426 the bridge hotel

I love the reflections in the tables in that one; it probably looks better full size though.


Sadly, Daisy is deceased. She’s served us well for almost a year and, most importantly, has been reliable (and very cheap to run).

She currently lies at rest at a garage in Harrogate. A failed water pump, combined with a disregarded warning light, has resulted in a melted engine (or something like that). With repair costs higher than Daisy’s value (indeed, her purchase price), we’ve reluctantly decided against life saving surgery.

I’m sure there’ll soon be a Daisy II, but meanwhile I’m training my second in command in the use of public transport. Fortunately, Longbenton’s within easy reach by Metro.


Fire Mountain

Acknowledging that I’ve barely ridden the Kona Fire Mountain that I bought seven years ago, and that it’s been taking up valuable space, I’ve decided that we must part company.

It was a painful decision, since it’s a beautiful bike, but at the end of the day I don’t use it.