Monthly Archives: January 2015


Valspar. They make spray paint. I usually buy Halfords’ or Plastikote (preferred), but B&Q seem to have switched to Valspar spray paints. I’ve heard of the brand name, but I’d not associated it with aerosol paint.

It seems to work ok, although I wouldn’t have needed to buy the stuff if B&Q had the right colour bits in stock.


Best ever purchases

This is probably my best, most useful, purchase ever.


I plan to buy more for other rooms in the house. This one was being trialled.

Another best purchase is my newest pair of glasses, my third pair in a couple of weeks. While my other new glasses are very nice, possibly even fashionable, I really love my new old 1930s gold rimmed specs. I may buy more.


Biscuits or whiskey? If I had to choose, I’d opt for the biscuits. Unless I could have both, of course.

My mother bought me a tin. A bottle of JD wouldn’t quite fit, so I filled it with biscuits.



Strangely, though, there is a link between biscuits and whiskey.

Or whisky. But that’s ok because America doesn’t understand the difference either. Maybe even the UK too.

Dead things

I’m currently watching the Elvis ’68 comeback special on Channel 5. If you disregard the stuff from the early days it’s actually rather good.


It reminds me of the Eels gig in Liverpool, a few years ago, where the band wore the same red suits as the band at the Elvis ’68 night.

Earlier this evening, I encountered something pretty disturbing by the castle in town.


I can’t help but wonder how many poor creatures contributed to this meal.


It may be a grandchild thing (I hope it’s not related to my second in command), but Netflix has recommended a film for me.


Which has nothing to do with Facebook. That I know of.

Related to Facebook, though, is the email I received today. Apparently, I’m having problems getting into my account. Which I would do if I couldn’t remember my email address.

Since I don’t do the Facebook thing, I shouldn’t really be receiving such emails. So, that leaves one of the (unknown number of) people who believe that they own my email address. They may share my name or be in a relationship with someone who does. My money’s on the bloke from Northern Ireland. Or maybe the one from Essex. Either way, I find it hard to comprehend how someone doesn’t know, or communicate to their loved ones, their own email address.


It does my head in.

Z Nation

I’m currently into episode five of Z Nation on Netflix. It’s pretty awful, but it’s making me think that we should’ve signed up for 2.8 hours later and zombie school this year.



Yesterday, I removed the last of the plaster from the bathroom wall. And, so, I rewarded myself.


That particular beer was enjoyed in Dat Bar, in town. It was followed by a couple of others. Town was pretty quiet, we even managed to get a decent seat in the Bridge. So I was able to enjoy the panelling.



The evening ended in Centurian after bumping into a mate (Dave) in Pink Lane.

This morning, despite a fierce hangover, I began pointing the wall. It only took ages a little while to finish.



Plastering next, but not that wall obviously.

Bathroom update, glasses and more glue

This weekend, I’ve had a burst of bathroom related energy. While it may not appear so, progress has been made.


And, somehow, I managed to break another pair of glasses. I now have two pairs held together with superglue while awaiting new glasses.

I’m only recently returned home, following an unplanned meal in Low Fell. It’s cold outside and the frost is creeping in.

The meal was excellent though, worthy of a huge tip. Afterwards, I enjoyed a pint of Old Rosey in the Aletaster.


A farewell to Karotz

A couple of months ago, like many other Karotz owners, I received an email advising that, from 18 February 2015, my Karotz would cease to function.

Sadly, in common with its parent, the Nabaztag, the concept simply doesn’t work. Economically, that is.


I mean, you’d need to have an expanding market for the devices to pay for the existing server support. While the devices are brilliant, the business model can’t work.

Unfortunately, my Karotz hasn’t worked for a couple of days now (the LED should be green when connected), so it seems that the plug may have already been pulled.


So, I’ve dusted-off an old Nabaztag and am currently installing stuff to the Raspberry Pi, which apparently makes a pretty decent replacement server.